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quick flowering cannabis seeds

In a nutshell, QUICK strains are the fast version of classic feminised genetics. They result from the cross of a photoperiod parent, normally a female elite clone selected from a bunch of regular seeds, and an elite autoflowering female. The latter is reversed so it produces the pollen that passes the auto gene on to the cross. The result is an F1 “QUICK” hybrid that is not auto but is indeed much faster than photoperiod genetics. This is down to the autoflowering gene, which helps plants jump from the growth stage to a state of full bloom in the blink of an eye.

The key to producing top-quality QUICK genetics is our incredible collection of elite autoflowering strains that, besides passing the auto gene on to the F1 hybrids, add to them the extraordinary traits our team of breeders has spent over 10 years trying to obtain.

Such masterfully fixed traits ensure the high quality of our F1 QUICK hybrids, making them virtually impossible to differentiate from their sisters. They need to be switched to the flowering phase and could stretch a lot if provided with plenty of time. That’s why we can clone and store the mother plants for as long as necessary. Once the photoperiod is varied from 18/6 to 12/12, they start flowering at light speed, much faster than any other ordinary plant.

The most important traits of our autoflowering lines are:

Thanks to these fast flowering properties, they can be grown in northern regions with fewer risks. By bringing the harvest date forward, they’re less likely to be affected by harsh weather conditions. In places such as Russia, England, Poland, Germany, Scandinavia or the Alps, they make the only viable option for growing outdoors, except for the auto genetics, of course. They deliver far bigger crops than their autoflowering little sisters, though, which is quite an advantage. Wherever you live, they’ll make your life easier, since the likelihood of having your crop ruined by bad weather conditions, by the attack of fungi or by unexpected plant thefts is significantly reduced.


Faster grow time: Fast-flowering strains can be harvested between 1-5 weeks sooner than classic strains, which also means you can grow more often.

What Are Fast-Flowering Cannabis Strains?

The process starts when you cross a photoperiod-dependent parent with an autoflowering partner. As plants pollinate and seeds are produced, the autoflowering parent passes on key recessive genes that speed up the flowering phase. Essentially, you end up with an express version of classic photoperiod genetics. What you’re left with is a strain that flowers—and can, thus, be harvested—faster than typical photoperiod varieties.

All cannabis plants follow one of two flowering patterns: photoperiod or autoflowering. The former need a particular light schedule dictated by the seasons in order to bloom. Autoflowering strains, on the other hand, will progress with flowering regardless of how much light they’re given. Fast-flowering strains have a little bit of both in their genes.

Thrive in any weather: Fast-flowering cannabis can be grown in places with adverse weather conditions, but also excel in warm temperatures.