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quebec cannabis seeds qcs

The seed bank has strains of weed, which are great for recreational smokers and those who need them for medicinal purposes. There are weed seeds that grow indoors as well as outdoors – making QCS perhaps the best place to offer you a reasonable price and quality combination.

This is why they need weed seeds on a big scale that are resistant to these diseases. That is when QCS comes in. You can order five seeds as a newbie or bulk seeds if you are a professional grower. The most exciting thing about Quebec Seed Bank is that they work with the trend! It means they regularly update and revise their stock according to the newest seeds and their customer demand.

Shipping and Discretion

Let’s take a closer look at Quebec Cannabis Seeds!

Quebec Cannabis Seeds is a reliable solution to your seed needs. Since 2013, they have been breeding cannabis seeds and working hard to meet the expectations of their customers in the provision of high-quality marijuana seeds. Be it for medical or recreational purposes, QCS is always prepared to serve you. So if you’re in search of high-quality cannabis seeds, you’ve come to the right place!

We would also love to say that you would appreciate the QCS seed bank for its high-quality seeds at affordable prices. The price that the organization sells its seeds at is almost at standard with most other seed banks in the markets. Still, there’s a difference when you look at some regular strains such as Northern Lights, and so on, as QCS tends to sell it at a somewhat cheaper rate.

Quality seeds from QCS. Ordered the GSCs and SSH and was surprised and happy to get an extra 10 Berry Bomb seeds. :heart_eyes: Thank you QCS. : 1::facepunch: Seeds germinated within a couple of days and survived a hot summer with some stretches of brutal heat. No issues with pests or nutrients for this organic grow. I was hoping to get a better yield but I'm blaming my inexperience instead of the seed genetics for the final numbers.

Wow. After drying the buds for a week I tried a small popcorn bud. it was light and loose in the bowl. I was 'gone' for 6-7 hrs! Alternating between tingling and couch lock to clear and suddenly mobile. Not like the stuff I used to have back in the 80,s
I had to guess the dry weight by the amount generally put in the mason jars as my scale broke the week before.

Really stoked on the bud that is actually BB Fast Version, but unfortunately one of the seeds from the vial they sent me is definitely another strain or a really bad pheno of BB. Looks completely different from the other two, grew at a different rate, smells different and smokes different.

Great strain to grow in hydro. I definitely recommend keeping each plant to 4 colas. It seems Like the plant is almost too small at the end of the veg stage, but it grows really fast in flowering. Almost 3 times the size as it was for veg. Quality is great and will only get better as it cures!

Does not matter though, at this strength it is going to last a long time.
Since the seed gave two plants that made it to harvest I am very happy.
Even pulled the roots apart to see how they started.

I'll be making QCS my "go to" for any future grows and I would recommend these seeds to any cultivator looking to grow some quality bud.