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“The Sour Apple is, I would say, our most beautiful autoflower that will really do well in any circumstance,” said Pennington.

Exotic breeders Compound Genetics offer feminized seeds as well. Snap up Gummiez, Blueberry Octane, and Pink Certz fems from Compound at stores like Buds and Roses in the San Fernando Valley.

Autoflowering seeds

Time to get growing, America.

It’s a Cookies and Cakes world. You just live in it.

Six types of Gush Mints crosses are coming in seed form in ‘21.

Barney’s Farm is one of the oldest seed banks in the Netherlands and in the world. It was established in 1986 and since then has its place on the cannabis seed market. The genetics offered for sale by this company are from the original areas. In our offer you will find only the top of the best products and the ultimate best-sellers. Some varieties had to be discarded for lack of demand, because the seeds must always stay fresh, after all, it is a living organism! If you are interested in any of those vintage seeds no longer on display, it is not a problem for us to get them directly for you. It will only take a bit longer on delivery time than the usual guaranteed delivery (within 48hours).

BuddhaSeeds Bank is relatively small seed bank located in Spain. Few people know that the owner of this seed bank is one of the pioneers and creators of autoflowering varieties. He has been into genetics and breeding for many long years. The bestselling strain here is Magnum, AutoMix. Also, very popular strains are Syrup and Purple Kush. Purple Kush is also highly respected by other breeders of concurrent seed producers and seed banks.

Buddha Seeds

The Bulldog Seeds are seeds from Holland from the world-famous Bulldog. The Bulldog brand conquered the public mind and built its fame with the expansion of the coffee shops in Amsterdam, or better, in the Netherlands. This laudable endeavour was commenced by The Bulldog on 17. December 1975! At first Bulldog was focused on operating the coffee shops only, then, due to extreme public interest, expanded its range to all kinds of souvenirs, textiles, smoking paraphernalia, etc. The seeds offered by Bulldog are of the highest quality, guaranteed by the professional work of the most renowned cultivators and breeders in the industry. The product range of the seeds offered is adequately broad, with an emphasis on the genuine origin and highest quality possible. We can cordially recommend The Bulldog Seeds for your collection. And when visiting Amsterdam, definitely visit one of their coffeeshops or stores, or stay at The Bulldog Hotel, where you can enjoy a stunning view overlooking Amsterdam right from the hotel roof-top.

The history of Dinafem seed bank, which is currently one of the world’s largest seed banks, began in autumn 2002. At that time, Dinafem’s team began to work intensively on cannabis seed research and development. From the very beginning the work was focused primarily on the stability of the strains and their feminized versions. The first results date back to the end of 2003 with the Power Kush strain. The following year, some other brand-new hybrids like the Moby Dick, Critical+ and Blue Widow have been crossbred from Dinafem’s proprietary strains. In these terms, at the beginning of 2005, the Dinafem seed bank was founded. Today it is one of the largest in the world. In 2010, ten newly bred and stabilized strains were introduced. Since 2009, autoflowering varieties have been developed, and in 2012 Dinafem became the absolute market leader in the supply of autoflowering varieties. First born was Moby Dick Auto, then White Widow Auto, Haze Auto and Cheese Auto followed. Other varieties did not take long and sprung up shortly thereafter. Dinafem is dedicated exclusively to feminized and autoflowering strains, winning with its extraordinary products many prizes at competitions across Europe and eventually conquering the whole world. Dinafem works very hard on varieties with high CBD content and minimum THC content. And it is once again a leader in this relatively new market and in this new industry. We know from the owners of this company that Dinafem is breeding and supplying about 200 other so-called seed banks. These ‘seed banks’ include, for example, Royal Queen Seeds, well known on our local market. So we definitely recommend purchasing the original Dinafem collection since their extra wide product range would indulge virtually anyone.

Identifying gene (genetic) variants and characterizing their biological function allows us to combine certain genes in specific combinations to maximize yield, but determining which genes are important (gene discovery) is the first step to utilizing marker-assisted breeding.

The above-described scenario is how geneticists assign gene function, or generally called gene discovery. When the gene for height or branching is identified, it can now be tracked at the DNA level versus the phenotype level. In the above example, 93.5% of your F2 plants can be discarded, there is no need to grow them all to maturity and measure all of their phenotypes.

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Plants and animals have roughly 25,000 to 30,000 genes. The genes provide the information needed to make a protein, and proteins are the building blocks for all biological organisms. An ideal analogy is a blueprint (DNA) for an alternator (the protein) in a car (the plant). Proteins are the ‘parts’ for living things. Some proteins will work better than others, leading to visible differences that we call phenotypes.

The term genetics is often misused in the cannabis industry. Genetics is actually “the study of heredity and the variation of inherited characteristics.” When people say they have good genetics, what they really mean is that they have good strains, presumably with good gene variants. When people begin to cross or stabilize strains, they are performing genetic manipulation.

Gene Discovery & Manipulation