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purple power cannabis seeds for sale

Smoking this bud is a delight, as it has quite a mild, although uniquely sweet and sour, aroma. The taste is tropical and fruity. The high from New Purple Power is upbeat and quite clear, meaning it’s perfect for social situations. However, it also gives a long-lasting body high that lasts longer than the cerebral high.

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How to identify New Purple Power

Identifying New Purple Power is easy, because it is purple. The stems are long and purple from the very beginning of its growth, and the buds contain swirls of red and blue sometimes, too. Almost all of the colours that appear in the growth of New Purple Power make it into the final dried product.

New Purple Power Regular will have a comparatively short flowering time.

Purple Power is a straight cross between two purple phenotypes; one skunk, one haze. The deep purple colour is echoed in the flavour which is a sweet grape / blueberry mix. The flavour is very strong and long lasting and is the real highlight of this strain. The high is more Sativa than Indica but it still gives a very pleasant body effect, starting in the front of your head as a crisp clean high before settling in to a more relaxed feeling.

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