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purple haze cannabis seeds for sale

You can choose to grow Purple Haze marijuana seeds in your indoor as well as outdoor settings. It is an easy strain to grow, even for beginners. For outdoor harvesting, late October is the time. After successful germination and vegetative phases, it will take about 65 to 75 days for the plants to finish the flowering stage. You can expect to harvest a high yield with mild to moderate difficulty as a grower.

As a famous wake n’ bake strain, it likewise helps individuals with chronic fatigue. It additionally has moderate anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, accordingly being ready to alleviate minor inflammations like headaches or cramps. Purple Haze Weed has a psychedelic impact which may induce patterns of recursive thinking. Hence, individuals prone to panic or paranoia should avoid it.

Flowering Time

Regarding the 1967 Jimi Hendrix’s classic song, Purple Haze Cannabis seeds will grow into plants that will give you a dreamy euphoria for a whole day even as an experienced marijuana user. Throughout the years, this top-quality strain has maintained its value among the cannabis community due to its Sativa dominant effects of cerebral stimulation which will boost your creativity for many hours.

This strain is ideal for recreational users to use just after getting up. You can expect to have cerebral stimulation boosting your creativity for the whole day. This strain will give you a dreamy euphoria even as a regular recreational marijuana user. You can expect to have marijuana with 14-22 % THC by growing plants from Purple Haze strain seeds. You will feel Sativa & Indica like effects in a single top-quality cannabis variety by growing plants from Purple Haze seeds.

As with most Sativa dominant strains, which are developed primarily for recreational users, Purple Haze seeds will grow into plants that will yield high-quality marijuana with a low CBD value of less than 2%. Low CBD value makes them ineffective for a few specific medical conditions.

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Purple Haze cannabis seeds are generally more difficult to grow than other weed species. A Purple Haze plant generally gives a good yield. The yield is usually more than with other Haze species. The Purple Haze is also suitable for growing outdoors.

Purple Haze cannabis seeds

The Purple Haze has been very popular in the Netherlands since the 1970s and is perhaps the most famous Haze species in the Netherlands. At most coffee shops, Purple Haze weed is a bestseller. The Purple Haze is named after the legendary song “Purple Haze” by Jimi Hendrix.

Purple Haze seeds are popular weed seeds. This is mainly because the Haze is quite strong and because the Purple Haze seeds are suitable for indoor and outdoor cultivation. Haze cannabis seeds are generally more difficult to grow than normal cannabis seeds because they need more attention. There are many different types of Haze weed seeds such as Silver Ha ze or Northern Light Haze. People suspect that the Purple Haze was created by crossing a Thai or Colombian Haze strain with an Early Dutch Skunk, as a result of which the flowering time has been reduced to 8 to 10 weeks. The Purple Haze is quite resistant to mould formation. The Purple Haze has a THC content of up to 22% and is therefore a very spicy variety.