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pure landrace cannabis seeds for sale

Our intention is to preserve, reproduce and distribute the finest examples from around the world, from sativas to indicas. We want to pass on these pure “foundation strains” so as to not lose them forever in a world dominated by hybridized and feminized cannabis varieties.

Today’s cannabis has been mixed to the extent that many have lost their original mystic and power, giving way to the unnatural demands of today’s grower. These modern day strains get nowhere near the purity and clarity of their ancestral families as all of the original “power phenos” are lost within the process of cross breeding.

Furthermore these new strains require a lot of nutrients that are derived from the carbon fossil world adding on to the depleting of Mother Nature. Our mission is to bring all these amazing strains back to the forefront of the cannabis community! Saving the future of cannabis by preserving its past.

In the beginning the word was Landrace, and everyone enjoyed cannabis at its most pure. Today land race genetics are at the root of almost every new hybrid, but when you want original cannabis at its very best, Landrace weed seeds are definitely the way to go. Take a look on this page and find Landrace cannabis seeds that offer the perfect flavour for the connoisseur, the best effect for the recreational toker and relief perfect for medical smokers. These weed seeds are an essential ingredient for anyone that wants to make their own hybrids so that every one of their offspring give you something really special. By their very nature, Landrace genetics always come as regular seeds, so they are not the easiest strains to grow. But with effort comes rewards, and when you choose one of the Landrace seeds at Original Sensible Seeds rewards are definitely on the cards. Look out for classics like Pure Kush and Pure Africa for flavour and effect that is truly sublime. Or try something a bit more unique with the likes of K1 and Columbian Gold Seeds. It’s like welcoming royalty to your growing area, and they are all here ready for the taking. is not responsible for the misuse or illegal use according to the law of each country regarding the traded products. Our online store complies with UK law.

ALL “Landrace” Seeds

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Philosopher Seeds present Early Maroc, sourced from early-flowering, 100% Sativa Moroccan landrace hash-producing genetics, these seeds give extremely fast results and are recommended exclusively for outdoor and greenhouse cannabis cultivation. Early [. ]

Very potent and instant buzz. In some cases with instant laughters with uplifting sensations and a constant feeling of cheerfulness. A tingling in the chest area has been noted. The locals have the habit of smoking without adding tobacco. It kicks in immediately and you feel it right into your chest and it’s hard to hold back the cough even if you’re an habitual smoker. There is a pleasant warmth behind the eyes and a buzz in your head as well with a feeling of tranquil contentment. There is a strong impression and possibility that some of these plants have not been farmed by humans for many many years due to the fact that they are very unpredictable while growing. Every plant is different from others, both in shape and height. This is what has been noticed on several occasions.

Early Maroc – Philosopher Seeds

Seeds Of Africa presents its Swazi Gold variety, a 100% Sativa line from Swaziland, characterised by its generous production, its fruity aroma of mango and its soaring high effect, now in the regular seed collection at Alchimia! Swazi Gold is native [. ]

Mota Khan Afghana was born in the area of Mazar-i Sharif. This exceptional Afghani indica marijuana is very tasty. Spiced with a touch of liquor. The smoke from combustion leaves a distinctive trail, white, dense and heavy as the best hash does. Mo [. ]

Sensi Seeds is happy to present the feminised version of the legendary regular strain Afghani #1, a true cannabis classic appreciated for its fast and abundant flowering, as well as its first class organoleptic and psychoactive properties. Available [. ]