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pure landrace cannabis seed

Another aspect to take into account is the constant adaptation of these varieties; During the last decades it’s common to cultivate genetics from, for example, Afghanistan in countries like Spain. Since the environment (climatic conditions, soil, etc.) is very different, it’s to be expected that within a few generations this variety will show slight changes in its morphological expression, aimed at adapting to these new conditions. Therefore, good landrace breeders will cultivate varieties either in climates similar to those of their origin or directly in the places where each variety is from (which obviously complicates things somewhat). In addition, the breeder must decide if he wants to adapt the pure variety – naturally adapted to the outdoor growing – to indoor cultivation or not, something that in some cases can be almost impossible.

Of course, there are many other pure varieties, although some of the most famous ones are difficult to find today due to the increases in cultivation of modern hybrids in these traditional producing countries. Fortunately, a good number of enthusiasts from all over the world continue to reproduce and work on many of these pure genetic lines, which are the foundations supporting the rest of the genetics that we know!

Cannabis is an ancient plant – probably originating from the Himalayas – that has been cultivated by humans for millennia, either for its recreational virtues, for its well-known and documented medicinal properties or for the multitude of industrial uses (including food) that he has. Over the centuries, it has been adapting to cultivation according to latitude and to different climates across the world, especially in the intertropical zone and in many of the temperate parts of the globe.

Pure Cannabis varieties

Cannabis grown traditionally in Parvati Valley, India

Here we should mention Ruderalis genetics, from eastern Europe and from which the automatic varieties have been developed. However, it’s very rare to see crops of Ruderalis varieties, and most of these plants grow wild and are not usually cultivated by local inhabitants.

Over the years, these first cannabis hybrids have been used to create the infinity of genetics present on the market today, or have been crossed again with other landraces, as is the case with our Philo Skunk (Somango x Mazar) or our Jamaican Blueberry BX. However, the origins of all varieties of cannabis are in the old pure varieties, which in many cases are still cultivated in the same way and in the same areas as hundreds of years ago. In addition, and because of the constant selective breeding on the part of modern breeders, the genetic range of today’s hybrids is quite narrow, especially when compared to the great genetic richness of pure varieties.

However, it can be said that pure varieties have a high degree of heterogeneity because they are usually open pollinations in large fields, where a large number of males pollinate an equal or greater number of females. In this sense, the genotype remains very open, much more than in the case of only using a few males, there being greater heterozygosity in the genes (which in turn gives them greater capacity for adaptation).

Our intention is to preserve, reproduce and distribute the finest examples from around the world, from sativas to indicas. We want to pass on these pure “foundation strains” so as to not lose them forever in a world dominated by hybridized and feminized cannabis varieties.

Today’s cannabis has been mixed to the extent that many have lost their original mystic and power, giving way to the unnatural demands of today’s grower. These modern day strains get nowhere near the purity and clarity of their ancestral families as all of the original “power phenos” are lost within the process of cross breeding.

Furthermore these new strains require a lot of nutrients that are derived from the carbon fossil world adding on to the depleting of Mother Nature. Our mission is to bring all these amazing strains back to the forefront of the cannabis community! Saving the future of cannabis by preserving its past.

Genetics: Iranian landrace
Region: Various regions of Iran
Strain: Iranian genetics
Sourcing: Personally collected at source around Iran
Latitude: from 36N to 29N
Harvest: As early as late August and as late as early December
Height: 1.5 – 2 metres outdoor depending on plant
Seeds: Regular
Vegetative stage: 2-3 months
Flowering: 2-4 months depending on plant
Aroma: Pepper, Cardamom, Mint, Citrus, Nag Champa, Garlic, Spices
Grow Type: Outdoors,Greenhouse, indoors
Characteristics: Stout,stocky,hardy,squatty,bushy plants but also christmas-tree like.

Mota Khan Afghana was born in the area of Mazar-i Sharif. This exceptional Afghani indica marijuana is very tasty. Spiced with a touch of liquor. The smoke from combustion leaves a distinctive trail, white, dense and heavy as the best hash does. Mo [. ]

The mythical Pakistan Chitral Kush by Ace Seeds is now available on, so you can enjoy the virtues of this exotic and tremendously resinous Indica landrace from a legendary hash-producing region. This is a pure landrace variety native [. ]

Afghan Kush Early Harvest – World of Seeds

Seeds have been collected from at least 10 different regions in Iran. So you will find a bit of a mixed bag. Plants are not domesticated, rather wild and unpredictable in terms of growth pattern and shape.
Many expressions can be found. From christmas trees to more squatty, round and bushy plants. Same goes for the leaf shape. Deep dark green leaves very fat, thick,broad and wide but also more slender types with narrow leaves and lighter hues of green. From 100% indica structures with short flowering times to sativas requiring up to three, four months to finish and all kinds of mixtures of both and anything in between. Plants with a single main stem with one main cola and few side branches have been seen as well as thick round bushes.

Philosopher Seeds present Early Maroc, sourced from early-flowering, 100% Sativa Moroccan landrace hash-producing genetics, these seeds give extremely fast results and are recommended exclusively for outdoor and greenhouse cannabis cultivation. Early [. ]

Now in the Alchimia seed catalogue: Coffee Gold from Seeds of Africa, regular seeds of a landrace Sativa variety from the heart of the “Wild Coast” in the Coffee Bay area of South Africa. This area is nicknamed for having once been home to countless [. ]

Pure cannabis strains (also called landraces or purebreds) have developed in its natural environment and has never been crossed with any other strain but inbred through many, many generations. These varieties are very stable and present very few variations – if any from one plant to another.