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pot of gold cannabis seeds feminized

You know what they say, at the end of a rainbow you’ll find a pot of gold! Pacific Seed Bank has the ultimate hookup on Pot of Gold marijuana seeds — just in case you don’t feel like waiting for a rainbow to appear. This strain is a 90% award-winning sativa that blew people away at the 1998 Cannabis Cup, and for good reason! If you ever find yourself complaining that marijuana’s effects don’t last that long, simply turn to Pot of Gold marijuana seeds.

When compared to other indicas, the effects of Pot of Gold go beyond anything we’ve ever experienced before. While most marijuana strains leave you high for an hour or so (when smoking), Pot of Gold goes the extra mile into the 4-5 hour range. Obviously, this timeframe can vary from person to person. This strain’s long-lasting effects are best suited for experienced smokers. Otherwise, novice users may feel overwhelmed.

Pot Of Gold marijuana seeds are the way to go when you want to completely relax and let go of your day. This 90% indica comes with sedating effects, a boosted appetite, and stress-relieving qualities. No wonder it’s a Cannabis Cup winner!


As a potent indica, you can expect most of the effects to present themselves in the body. Your muscles may feel heavy, lazy, and lethargic. Your mind may feel blank and unable to focus on specific details. Pot of Gold marijuana seeds are the way to go when you want to completely relaxed and let go.

Compact plants that produce massive yields, also one of the most resinous strains in our selection. Pot Of Gold is one of the flagships of the Flying Dutchmen seed company. With a refined sweet Hashish taste and an extremely potent physical effect this strain will leave you stuck to your seat for hours. Good for many medical applications.

In order to find unique parental stock, tens of thousands of each strain were grown out in greenhouses, the best were selected and preserved. These best plants were inbred until the strain was considered stable or pure breeding. Crosses between two stable varieties are known as F1 hybrids.


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Together, Eddie and Skunkman introduced the very first Skunk#1 (available to buy at Seedsman) to the market along with a host of other new strains.

Eddie, the founder of The Flying Dutchmen may have had humble beginnings but that all changed by 1984, when he opened a wholesale genetics business, cultivating new hybrids for the market with fellow breeder Skunkman.