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planting cannabis seeds in august

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With that said, indoor growers usually have less space at their disposal, less potential for massive yields, and have to splash money on electricity bills to run their setup.

• Temperatures never drop below 12°C
• Temperatures never exceed 30°C
6–8 hours of direct sunlight each day (south-facing location is ideal)
Shelter from torrential rain and heatwaves (e.g. temporary tarpaulin, greenhouse)

Choosing Location

As a robust herb, cannabis will happily grow in a variety of locations. Some cultivators have a spacious garden at their disposal, whereas others are limited to smaller spaces.

– Larger plants
– More space
– Free rainwater
– Sunshine (cheaper than lighting)
– No need to change light cycle
– Ventilation helps keep mould at bay
– Companion plants
– Beneficial insects
– Soil rich in native microbes
– Opportunity to practice regenerative methods

Perhaps the most exciting time of the entire grow occurs between mid-September and mid-November. It’s time to revel in your hard work and harvest your precious flowers. The weather becomes cool, the days shorter, and winter solstice approaches.

By the middle of the month as daily sunlight increases to about 14 hours, you can begin to make a move outside with plants in 10–20l pots. Temperatures will be in the low teens at best, so only the strong will survive outside this early. Hardy autoflowering strains are definitely the best option. Blue Cheese Automatic by RQS or Early Skunk by Sweet Seeds are rapid bloomers and cold-weather-hardened.

Still too cold outside. Probably pretty cloudy most days as well. But you can kick-start the grow like a pro indoors. By now, you should be in possession of all the outdoor cultivation essentials. With a minimal investment, you can acquire a basic CFL lamp and reflector to start seedlings indoors. Whether you are growing from seed or using clones from a trusted source, it helps to get plants rooted before you put them outside.

When Is The Calendar Not The Calendar?

Longer-flowering autoflower varieties planted in May will be ready for harvesting now. Quicker-flowering cultivars will be filling out substantially. Regular photoperiod plants will have completely established sex by now, displaying small flower clusters with many pistils at each node. Differentiation will have occurred with longer-flowering varieties. Nodes will begin to stagger rather than being symmetrical about the stem. The ends of branches turn up, where the main bud will form and begin to fill out. They will be getting ready for the bloom stretch at this stage.

Day length: 15:08–15:23 hours

Average temperature: 6–16°C