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plant cannabis seedlings in dixie cup or seed starter tray

When the weather conditions in your garden are right and the plants are sturdy enough (usually 5 inches tall or higher), you are ready to plamnt them by simply gently sliding them out of the cups! That’s it!

You can be as OCD or casual as you like. I just abbreviate, like C for canteloupes, BK for Black Krim tomatoes, etc.

Carefully place 3 seeds in each cup, spread apart (like at the points of a triangle). Why 3 seeds? Not every seed germinates! See the table farther down this page for typic al gernmination rates, it varies from one plant to another, typically from 55% to 80%. SO, 3 seeds, pretty much ensures you will have at least one sprout. You can plant 4 or 5 seeds per cup if you have enough. And the converse is true, with larger seeds that have higher germination rates, like canteloupes, you can put only 2 seeds in each cup.

Step 10 – Watering, Sun and Thinning

STARTING PLANTS FROM SEEDS, North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service, NORTH CAROLINA STATE UNIVERSITY COLLEGE OF AGRICULTURE & LIFE SCIENCES, Erv Evans, Extension Associate, Horticultural Science, Frank A. Blazich, Professor, Horticultural Science, see Table 1. Germination information for selected plants: approximate time to seed before last frost, days for
germination, optimum temperature for germination, and light requirements

That is a total of $25, just 25 cents per plant. to get exactly what you want. Compared with $4 per plant at the store. Can you say “Obsecene profit ,margins”?

Add about 4 ounces of water to each cup. That will take sometime to fully obsorb, so although it shouldn’t be soupy, it may have some free water. We add the water now to mpoisten it and it avoids uncovering the seeds if we did this after planting the seeds in the cups.

Here’s what you will need and some common places to get them:

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Your blog has been very helpful. I am first time gardener and was unsure about planting seeds in dixi cups. I was unsure if the cups had to have holes in them, but your article helped clear that up for me. Just planted my seeds, and hoping they germinate and I will soon have some seedlings.

Dixie Cup Seedling Starter