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percentage of cannabis seed germination

Start with a mild EC such 0.7-0.8 and slowly increase the EC of your nutrient solution after one week of growth. The best EC depends on the quality of your water and it's basic EC level. If the water has a high EC then you should filter it with a household reverse-osmosis filter and mix this 50-50 with tap water.

Due to our high standard of pollination, attentive grow methods, and the dedicated hand selection of seed stock for sales, our seeds are always perfectly matured and can be quite large. They also possess a particularly intact and hard seed hull. The robust genetics of our cannabis varieties, and our innovative Deluxe seed production methods, leads to the development of healthy and strong seeds with a good resistance against environmental factors. Due to the firm seed hull and large size some of our seeds may require a slightly longer germination time. Most seeds sprout in record time and others take a bit longer. Once the seedling grows through the substrate it will develop quickly and vigorously regardless of the germination time.

Cannabis is not an orchid or swamp plant! The seeds need a well aerated growing medium to germinate well. Seedlings also cannot tolerate high humidity and can easily be attacked by fungus such as fusarium and pythium. Only the soil or growing medium should be moist for optimal germination and seedling growth. Ambient humidity is best at or below 50%.

Please use high quality soil that is suitable for seedlings (see our SOIL GUIDE for more info), or use rockwool starter cubes for germinating seeds.

If you germinate your seeds at room temperature, and have properly watered the substrate, there is no need to be concerned that it will dry out overnight. Only the substrate requires sufficient water for the seeds to germinate – the outside humidity can and should be be low to moderate (i.e. max. 55%). Low humidity in the room does not interfere with germination or healthy seedling growth.

We are not responsible for the sales and services offered by resellers. However, if you have any serious suspicion or complaint regarding your purchase please contact us with a copy of your order transaction and reseller details. The order must not be older than 2 months from date of purchase. We do not replace seeds on an individual basis. Replacements are only processed officially via the distributer, in the event of a faulty or damaged shipment sent out to the distributor and subsequently sold to the reseller.

What you need to know about growing in soil, how to buy the best soil product, organic additives, etc.

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Jiffies are dehydrated peat discs, pressed into a biodegradable mesh which, when moistened, become tiny sacks of earth. Water is usually applied so that the wet discs swell and become mini containers of substrate where you can plant the cannabis seed so that it germinates inside the peat. What could go wrong with this method so that we don’t get to see the seedling emerging from the Jiffy?

If you have made other mistakes not described in this post, please share these in the comments section. The growing experiences of some are usually useful to others.

Mistakes when germinating cannabis seeds in substrate (in a pot or in the ground)

This method consists of putting the seed in a container with warm water and waiting for it to germinate in the days following immersion.

And please, don’t hesitate to ask us any questions you have about cannabis seed germination.

Here we explain what not to do during germination in each case, and we tell you that the method recommended by Dinafem Seeds is germination in Jiffy, as it is the simplest and has the lowest error rate.

Simply put a few seeds in a glass, fill with water at room temperature (around 22°C) and place away from drafts or temperature fluctuations .

They are two certified varieties, which differ in the active ingredient at their core, one genetic is a source of cannabidiol ( CBD ), the other of cannabigerol ( CBG ); both are designed to give the maximum in terms of productivity and product quality.

Water germination method:

Cannabis seeds, unlike other types of seeds, are particularly delicate. Before planting the seeds in the soil we have prepared for growing our cannabis plants, we need to germinate our seeds in an environment that is ideal for them .

The soil should be kept moist, but it is important not to over-water. Within two weeks, but probably sooner, you will start to see small stems emerging from the soil. When they have reached 3 cm, you can transfer your future cannabis plants into larger pots . At this very early stage of growth, it is best not to add any extra nutrients to the soil.

(This method involves some risks: with excessive exposure to water and the handling required in transplanting, the seeds run the risk of drowning or being damaged).