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panty slit hot glue seeds growing cannabis

Supplies: Old white socks Toothpicks Sand Rubber band Glue Green poster paint or green spray paint Large detergent bottle cap, hair spray cap, or similar can top
Directions: 1. Cut the foot off of a sock just after the heel. Stuff the part of the sock you cut off into the foot to make the cactus. You may need to put in part of another sock or pillow stuffing to make it full enough. Close the sock with a rubber band. Trim off some of the extra sock if you need to, but be sure to leave about 3 in. for �planting� the cactus.
2. Paint the cactus green and let it dry. 3. Break several toothpicks in half, dip them in glue, and pole them into the cactus to make the spines. Let the glue dry.
4. To plant the cactus, mix glue into the sand so that it moistens it completely. Use enough sand to almost fill the cap. Stand the cactus in the cap and pack the sand into the cap around the cactus. Let the sand and glue dry overnight.

4) Color Hike – See how many colors you can find in nature. Is there an animal or a plant that prefers one color?

Materials: white bandanas or squares of white cotton material, an assortment of fresh leaves and flowers, and a rubber mallet.

Learn about rainbows. Have the Cubs use water color paints to make a rainbow on white construction paper or cut out “C” shaped sections of colored construction paper. Make sure each “C” shape fits snuggly to the next. Then show them how a prism or a diffraction grating lens can be used to break up white light into colored light. Discuss which color bends the most (violet). Find out what happens when light passes through two prisms.

Brush a small amount of quick-drying acrylic paint onto a scrap of paper as large as the leaf and proceed as you would with an inkpad printing. Try using several paint colors for a multi-colored print.

20. Find something put here by people.

� Supplies – construction paper, glue, sand

A: There is a whole section in my book, Green Grass Magic, devoted to this very question! It is important to open up your lawn to air, water, and nutrients by fertilizing, watering frequently, and mowing your lawn with a sharp blade on your mower. This can be tough if the thatch layer becomes so thick that it prevents water and fertilizer from reaching the soil. You can remove the thatch layer with a manual dethatching rake, or by renting a power dethatcher (available at many equipment rental centers).

A: You need to spray them to the point of run-off every 2 weeks throughout the growing season with a mixture of 1 cup of antiseptic mouthwash, 1 cup of chamomile tea, and 1 cup of Murphy ® Oil Soap in your 20 gallon hose-end sprayer. For small areas on branches and trunks only, a mixture of one part bleach to 10 parts of water should do the trick.

A: Usually, problems with blooming occur for several reasons. First is light. They need at least 6 hours of sunlight a day. If there is shading from trees or buildings, this can affect how well it blooms. Next is improper pruning. Lilacs flower on the previous year’s growth. If they are pruned at the wrong time, such as fall or early spring, the flower buds are cut off, and there will be no flowers in the spring. They should only be pruned when they finish flowering. Lastly is fertilization–either too little fertilizer, or too much nitrogen. Nitrogen can cause a lot of lush foliage at the expense of forming flower buds. So if you fertilize, cut back on the nitrogen. And if you don’t fertilize at all, you’d better hop to it!


Q: There’s a crusty white substance covering the top of the soil in all of my houseplants. I can remove it, but it keeps coming back. So, what can I do?

Q: Why can’t I get my Christmas cactus to bloom?

Q: My houseplants have been invaded by whiteflies. How do I get rid of them?

Q: Ants! Ants! Ants! Their hills are everywhere! How can I evict them from my property without resorting to toxic chemicals?

M my mother has hydrodanitis sup. And she always gets these terrible boils.. antibiotics don’t do much breaks my heart to see her in that amount of pain

I have suffered for 15 years with these re-ocurring painful scarring boils. I am 30 and I am so scarred that i refuse to wear a tank top or short skirt. Now they have not only spread from under the arms, between the legs and bum but now i get them on my sides and on my forearms.

Hi, I had my first ever boil June 19, 2010. It started on my inner thigh. I went to use the bathroom that morning and when I sat down I felt a slight sore spot. It started off as a super tiny pimple, and I didn’t think anything of it. By the afternoon, it was the size of a dime. By the evening, it was the size of a quarter and it was killing me! It kept growing rapidly, and it was so painful that I could barely walk. I was embarrassed but wa finally in so much pain that I got up at 430am on June 20, woke up my grandmother and showed her where it was. By then it was bigger than a 50 cent piece. Because she’d seen me limping around she took to me to the ER where I had it lanced, drained, and packed. I had to have the packing replaced once a week. And let me tell you, I gave birth to my daughter on June 4, 2010. I remembered labor very well, and I will take giving birth any day and time over getting these damn things just to have them lanced. As I saw them happen more and more I took my lancets and popped them as they were forming. I’d much rather deal with that than get it lanced. But eventually I knew I’d run out of those. I’d read somewhere to soak a cotton ball in vinegar and leave it overnight. I figured what do I have to lose? Nothing. So, I tried it and by morning it was a quarter of the size it originally was. I repeated the step and it was practically gone. I was so grateful. Now, when I feel it forming, as long as you get to it early and soak a cotton ball with vinegar and bandage it overnight, it’ll take care of itself almost painlessly.

Multiple Methods Of Care For Contact With Poison Ivy

Yes, Jamie, it is a problem with overweight people and can be a sign of type 2 diabetes or even as a warning sign that you are on your way to becoming one. But, even healthy weight people get them, so you should have at least one of your boils tested for MRSA. If it isn’t, then most likely it is just staph and could be an ingrown hair or as I stated, a sign that one should go and get tested for type 2 diabetes. I’d also suggest that if the test come back negative, that lifestyle change should begin in order to halt these changes that the body is trying to warn us about. Losing some weight will most definitely help put these boils at bay as well as controlling the stress in our lives. Boils are sometimes described as looking very ‘angry’ and so controlling our own emotions will help too. How we feel inside most certainly affects our physical lives and boils remind me of one ‘holding’ in anger that will eventually ‘burst’ out in order to relieve itself if we are somehow ‘biting our tongues’ or holding any sort of anger or hurt feelings. Find other ways or working these feelings out. Beginning some form of physical exercise may help and simple walking may be the perfect way to begin that is easiest on the body and joints. Good luck and stay HAPPY.

I think I may have accidentally popped a boil on my buttocks today. I couldn’t see it and I just assumed it was a pimple but it hurt all day and I couldn’t sit right so I sat down and popped it. I felt instant relief but I wouldn’t have touched it had I known it was a boil. It was hard and brown smelly puss came out as well a small white clump which I believe was the core

Unfortunately I deal with these all the time. I currently have 4 but the worst one is under my arm. This is the biggest boil I’ve ever had & it hurts like hell! I get them sometimes b4 I start my cycle. I can’t shave bcuz Lord knows if I do I’m in trouble. I’ve been trying ever thing I can think of to bring the one under my arm to a head bcuz it hurts so bad, I can’t put my arm down or lift it over my head. So for the past week I’ve been walking around with a pillow under my arm. My doc says it has a lot to do with my weight, eating habit, & my vitamin intake! I will keep your tips in mind. I wouldn’t wish this on anybody!!

I also had to go to the hospital to have a boil taken care of. I’d had it under my arm and it hurt so horribly to even breathe. The er Dr. injected the site but did not let it numb enough. He then proceeded to lance it, causing me to scream in pain in the er. I was not happy needless to say. Now I have one I side my ear and it is also unbelievably painful. I love the ideas for relief but they are difficult for the current location.