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Cannabis seeds for outdoor growing
This blog is meant for those who want to grow a cannabis plant outdoors in a climate similar to that of the Netherlands. The cannabis plant originally comes from countries close to the equator, for example India, Nepal, Afghanistan, Mexico, etc. In these countries, the temperature is higher and the sun shines longer than in climates with colder temperatures. Nevertheless, there are certain cannabis types that can grow and flower outdoors in limates with colder temperatures. Below, we explain what you should pay attention to when growing outdoors in the Netherlands or other colder climates.

The duration of the flowering phase of a cannabis plant differs depending on the variety, ranging anywhere from 6 to 14 weeks. It is advisable to use a cannabis plant with a short flowering period in colder climates around the globe. This is because the lower temperatures in September and October is not always favourable for a cannabis plant.

There are three ways of dealing with this in colder climates:

Growth / flowering phase
The cycle of the cannabis plant can be split in two phases: the growing and the flowering phase. In the growing phase the cannabis plant needs a lot of light. If it does not have enough light then the plant shifts to the flowering phase. For outdoor growing, this means that when the days get shorter the plant will shift to the flowering phase. In colder climates the days get shorter starting on the 21st of June, and in August there are less than 15 hours of sunlight per day. Consequently, the plant will shift to the flowering phase in August.

    Choose a plant with a short flowering period, preferably eight weeks or less. Your plant will be ready for harvest somewhere in October. By making this choice, you will be dependent on the weather, but it usually goes well. Examples of cannabis varieties that are grown outdoors in colder climates are: Hollands Hope, The Church, Skunk and Northern Lights.

She is a very resistant and strong plant that needs only 8 to 10 weeks of flowering to produce a great amount of thick nugs that are seriously frosted with shiny resin. Her results are staggering; she will reward you with a large yield by the beginning of October and you will be seriously surprised when smoking this potent baby. Her flavor is a combination of fresh lemon and the typical cheese flavor and her effect is a serious physical stone which will slowly creep up on your brain as well.

Blueberry by DJ Short is the legendary strain that has influenced many breeders to come with a Blueberry themselves. DJ Short has been a very innovative breeder since the 70’s and this Blueberry strain is still one of the favorite strains for many growers as it is the real deal amongst the many copies out there.

Biddy Early is an outdoor strain that was first released under the flag of Magus Genetics but from May 2011 all cannabis seeds from Magus Genetics are produced and sold under the flag of Serious Seeds. Biddy Early is a very popular outdoor strain amongst many beginning as well as more experienced and commercial growers as this F1 hybrid is a guarantee for an amazing result in almost all environments.

Freeze Cheese ’89

She is fairly easy to grow and stays pretty short. She has a flowering time of up to 9 weeks while producing an incredible amount of juicy nugs that will have you waiting for her to finish with a mouth full of water. Kushberry will reward you with a very nice combination of high and stone and her great results had her winning the 1 st prize for best outdoor strain in the Spannabis of 2008.

Outdoor Cannabis Seeds have to be picked with care and a bit of research of course. As the season for outdoor growing of cannabis is about to start, we have decided to share the Top 10 list of our favorite outdoor seeds with you. This of course because one strain is not the same as the other and some is just more suitable for your garden than others. This can of course depend on different conditions, variables and aspects.

OG Kush by Dinafem is a strain with a bite; she rewards you with a very powerful mental high combined with a nice physical buzz that will altogether have you dreaming and relaxing for a long time.

Freeze Cheese ’89 by Big Buddha Seeds is the crossing between an old-skool Dutch strain called the Friesland Indica which was bred in the North of the Netherlands in 1989 and the famous Big Buddha Cheese. This strain really brings back the old-skool classic flavor of Dutch weed in the 90’s and is bred to be able to grow in colder environment without any trouble.