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original strains cannabis seeds

For all the stressed-out individuals out there, this is truly a gift from the cannabis gods.

Combines a calming physical sensation with cerebral invigoration in a delicious citrusy, musty bud.

Auto OG Kush Fem

As cannabis is dioecious, male and female reproductive organs are found on different plants. Female plants tend to thrive outside the presence of male plants, and when growers create these conditions, they’re more likely to grow the potent, seed-free buds we want.

You just can’t go wrong with the Original Skunk.

Though the process of purchasing marijuana seeds online may seem confusing, we’ve made it fast and easy. Many seed banks make big promises, but we deliver on them. Call us today to find out how we can help you become a better cannabis cultivator.

If you order regular seeds, you will usually get about 50% male and 50% female plants, which corresponds to the natural genetics of the plants.

Solely female plants grow from feminized marijuana seeds.

Cannabis plants can basically be divided into 2 genera. These are described as Cannabis Indica and Cannabis Sativa. For the sake of completeness, it should be mentioned that there is also the Cannabis Ruderalis, although it is still disputed among botanists whether this is really an independent subspecies of the genus cannabis.

Feminized marijuana seed varieties

Every year, marijuana growers produce new and unique strains from different combinations of parent plants. These cannabis hybrids are often grown to achieve specific effects. They try to cross desired positive characteristics of Sativa and Indica parent plants and combine them in a new cannabis strain.

The original home of the Sativa seems to have been lush and humid forests. The humid climates have shaped the evolution of the Sativa with correspondingly thinner, long stems and longer, narrow leaves, allowing for better breathing and oxygen uptake in such regions. These include Africa, Central America, South East Asia and the western parts of Asia. Sativas are known for their "head-high", invigorating and energizing effects that can help reduce anxiety or stress and increase creativity and concentration.

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Medical cannabis seeds are also described as CBD cannabis seed varieties. Cannabidiol (CBD) is a substance extracted from the cannabis or marijuana plant. As more and more people want to try CBD in order to test whether their complaints such as pain, insomnia or depressive moods can be alleviated with cannabidiol, CBD cannabis seeds are gaining in popularity. Medical cannabis seeds have thus become increasingly important in recent years. Many customers are less concerned about high THC values when they buy cannabis seeds, but health aspects play more and more a central role.