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original sensible cannabis seeds bank review

Sensible Seeds is listed as "green" at the SeedFinder. This means we absolutely can recommend this seedbank.

I ordered from quebec and my transaction was great!
I bought 3 packs of 3 different breeder! it takes about 1 month to arrive at the post office during the covid!
I have the option of keeping the original packaging!
It is the seedbank with the most choices I have found! The hardest part is finding a way to pay! We did this with an Amazon gift card! (Amazon calls you to confirm the purchase of a gift card )
Then sensible seed contacts you to say that your order has been sent!
easy to communicate with them so congratulations to your entire team!
5 stars to you!

User Reviews

Sensible Seeds are the truth, If your nervous, worried paranoid about stealth shipping then rest assure that this company will surpass your expectations especially with stealth shipping, packaging, and prices. Sensible doesn’t boast or brag with long emails that disclose sensitive information but they will correspond with you speedy and extremely professional and not to mention their level of generosity and method payment is beyond amazing. Coming across this company has been a blessing because they are guaranteed to get your job done, I would recommend them above any overhyped seed bank in the world. If your in a part of the world where you are tight with security relax these guys will get it through if you pay a few dollars extra.

Just scratched the surface of how much Sensible Seeds has to offer. 🕺SO HAPPY! Making life easier in my restricted country with their service. Heaps of options, feel like a kid in quality candy store❣

Absolutely fab company, i highly recommend them. Great personal service and awesome freebies too!

I couldn't find anyone selling clones or seeds in my own country (Canada) so I searched online and couldn't find clones.

I will never support these crooks. In 20 years I have never not received my seeds. since Brexit they cannot get stock so they accept payment and send you a hand sanitizer or something similar that is sure to be blocked by customs.


BUT. out of the 4 different bulk seeds I received, one was an auto Devils XXL, and out of about the first 15 of 25 seeds, maybe 5 actually germinated and grew. very bad genetics.
I received a few seeds out of the 100 that were cracked or a half seed, and none of them germinated.

I stumbled upon Sensible Seeds when I was searching another strain, looked a little deeper and saw enough positive reviews that I felt confident to send them an Amazon Gift Certificate for payment on 10 Pineapple Chunk seeds.

I haven't tried to germinate the seeds yet, but I will report back after I grow them out.