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organic jamaican cannabis seeds

Here are a couple of my favorite cannabis strains from Jamaica

Jamaica is infamous world wide for being cannabis hot spot. Jamaica is with pro-cannabis places like Amsterdam and San Francisco. It’s a no brainer Jamaica is home to some of the finest quality cannabis around. Jamaica has the advantage of being in the Caribbean creating near perfect conditions for growing generations of outdoor plants. Seeds, equipment, and more can be found at Royal Queen Seeds.

The laws that have officially been put in place for the residents of Jamaica state that the use of weed, buying or selling marijuana, and growing cannabis from marijuana seeds is not allowed.

The Quality of cannabis in Jamaica

Jamaica relationship with cannabis rooted in the country’s Rastafarian population who use cannabis religiously. This is all about cannabis in Jamaica.

-Jamaican Lambsbred (Power Flower) – A smooth and soothing smoke said to be the personal favorite of the famous activist and musician Bob Marley. Authentic Lab Tested Cannabis Seeds and more available at Royal Queen Seeds.

However, what numerous residents and vacationing tourists have found is the authorities do not pay much attention at all to the men and women that openly smoke cannabis. This type of lax attitude also means that it is generally not a problem for people that plan to use marijuana seeds for growing their own marijuana plants.

If I were to ask you what you knew about Jamaica, you’d likely bring up Reggae music, Bob Marley, and marijuana. That’s because Jamaica’s has no shame in proudly showing their love for cannabis.

100% organic inputs to grow plants

Our state of the art pharmaceutical grade manufacturing facility (as pictured below) is located at the farm. Here, our suite of products are processed, tested, packaged and distributed to domestic and international markets.


Alley cropping system to maintain local biodiversity

Organic fertilizers which do not interfere with soil ecology

Our unique cultivation methods include:

The Plant Organic have spent many of these years working closely with some of the top international seed banks which has allowed them to optimize and develop the range you now see available below.

The Plant Organic has a large range of genetics in their collection which span from the purest landraces to the most prominent hybrids.

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