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CBD+ Critical #47 is an Indica-dominant plant with a THC percentage of 17% and a CBD percentage between 10 and 15 per cent. It has a relatively short flowering time of 53 days and an excellent yield of 500 grammes per square metre if you look after it well. This variety of weed puts you in a euphoric state, promotes appetite and relaxes you nicely. Thanks to its respectable THC percentage, the weed is able to push your physical ailments into the background.

This made the selection of a THC-rich variety with a high enough CBD percentage to suppress the high not easy. And that’s without even considering whether such a weed plant is strong enough for planting in a Dutch garden. Yet for precisely that reason we have included a particular medicinal weed seed from the CBD crew.

People talk about weed in terms of getting high (mental effect) or stoned (physical effect). You probably already know that THC is responsible for this. But there are a lot of other substances in this plant which make an important contribution to the medicinal use of weed.

THC Medicinal Weed for Outdoors: CBD+ Critical #47

The result? A strong weed plant which is highly tolerant of the Dutch climate. With an average CBD percentage of 14.8% and a THC percentage of 4.6%, the weed from this Indica-dominant plant is highly suited for use in the evenings before going to sleep. Sweet dreams!

With the proper care you can expect to have vigorous plants and weed with a CBD and THC percentage of 7.5%. CBD Skunk Haze is therefore extremely suitable for getting a soft, comfortable high that combines pain-relieving and relaxing effects without the paranoia that can be associated with THC-rich strains.

In cultivating a nice tasting Indica/Sativa hybrid with a CBD ratio of between 1:1 and 4:1, Dutch-Passion and CBD-Crew have won several prizes with this weed including first place in the medicinal category of the Canadian Karma Cup in 2016.

Up to now we have been describing feminised weed seeds each time where it helps to have some experience of cultivating cannabis (or hemp). To make it easier for you, we want to also introduce a weed plant which is very simple to cultivate.

Nematodes and protozoa—the next step up in the soil food web—eat some of these microbes. It just so happens that bacteria and fungi are very efficient at breaking down organic matter and storing the nutrients locked up inside.


Nematodes and protozoa poop out some of these molecules. The plants then feed on these bioavailable nutrients, harvesting the bounty of their farming operation. Simply amazing, huh?


Instead, they farm their own food (literally!). They do so by releasing sugars (exudates) into the rhizosphere—an area that extends around two millimetres from the surface of the root system—attracting beneficial bacteria and fungi. Some of these organisms team up with the roots, allowing plants to better absorb nutrients, whereas other microbes act as food for larger creatures.

High-quality organic cannabis depends on one major factor: soil health. The last few decades have seen growers apply one nutrient for one problem—somewhat of a reductionist view. More recently, advancements in soil science have shown us that cannabis plants rely on a complex interplay within the soil—the soil food web—to stay healthy and thrive.

Bacteria: These tiny creatures produce slimy substances that keep soil particles stuck together and give the growing medium structure. They also serve as food for larger lifeforms that excrete plant food.

The soil food web consists of many microorganisms, insects, and even birds and mammals. These creatures—many acting as both predator and prey—play an important role in breaking down organic matter into nutrients that are accessible to cannabis plants.

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