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Sky Blue Diesel (f1) fem Jager X Skywalker X Royal Blue Sour Diesel

Sky Blue Durban (f1) fem Jager X Skywalker X Royal Blue Durban

Sky Blue Kali (f1) fem Jager X Skywalker X Blue Kali

Sky Manna (f1) fem Jager X Skywalker X Manna Gooey

Oregon Sky(s1) fem Jager X Skywalker X Jager X Skywalker

Blue Kali (f3) regular Blueberry X Shoe Polish X Purple Kush X Kali Mist.

Wholesale Seed Prices for dispensaries and licensed farms: Packaged in 5’s and 10’s $5 per seed.
100 to 1,000 $4.00 over 1,000 $3.50 over 3,000 $3.00 over 5,000 $2.50 over 10,000 $2.00 per seed.

Our seeds are available in Metrc to OLCC licensed producers (in bulk) and retailers in compliant packaging.

Rising Leaf Farms Seeds Certified by Humboldt Seed Co.


We are proud to be Oregon’s only CERTIFIED producer and distributor for The Humboldt Seed Company, offering premium seeds for the OLCC market. This year we were able to produce almost the complete catalog, chances are good we have what you want. Further, we probably also have it feminized and available for sale in bulk to OLCC licensed producers. Check out the NEW! 2020 Humboldt Seed Catalog

Or call (503) 891-7054

For pricing and strain availability please email Jason, [email protected]

Visible effect of Hop Latent Viroid AKA “Dudding Disease” – same strain and age

Photos courtesy of Dark Heart Nursery

All of Kaprikorn's mother plants are double or triple PCR test-negative for Hop Latent Viroid. Our moms are created from donor plants that were themselves test-negative at least three times over the previous 3-4 months. New moms test negative at least twice prior to being added to the mother block, and are tested again after reaching maturity.