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orange peels cannabis seeds

Another high-quality organic fertilizer, but, maybe not enjoy much acceptance is the use of animal faeces. This would be to collect animals dried feces (sheep, goat, horse, rabbit, cow …), pound them until they become almost powder and mixing the resulting mass with the substrate. It is actually a very effective method to create a high quality fertilizer.

Organic Grow & Bloom


Your plantation will grow healthy and strong without chemicals. You can make your own fertilizer at home and so you can get already developed.

The coffee grounds can also be a good organic fertilizer; must scatter on the substrate surface and the surface remuever slightly.

Another major product is the Organic Grow & Bloom food containing alfalfa, sugar molasses mixture, organic diluent and a balanced amount of trace elements. Nutrients product will harvest more resistant to all kinds of soil diseases, insects and pests cannabis and any climate errors by the grower.

I have been a member for a couple of months and have been reading on here occasionally. For the past couple of months I have been very fascinated and intrigued by all of you great people who are growing.

A 3-pack 35 watt 2700K ( 7,200 lumens)
A 4 ft 2 tube T5 6500 K (10,000 lumens)

Now here is where my dilemma comes in:

The grow room is 4 feet x 3 feet, which is completely covered in mylar. I bought the CFL lights from HTGSUPPLY on EBAY.

Yesterday I noticed some white spots on the first set of leaves and later noticed that the seedling had been attacked by spider mites. I also noticed some black dots as well, which I assume is the spider mites eggs.