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orange mint cannabis strain seeds

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Overall: These frosty buds, that look like they came from maybe an Afghan descent, were puffy and manicured so well, even in my gram bag. While I’ve seen it mentioned that is a favorite strain for some people, this one is not for me. I think I’m coming to the realization that I don’t really like the “Mints” lineage. We’ll see, I got another review on deck coming up with some Mints in the fam. If you like any of the flavors and aromas above, and you want a very #chill experience I think you’ll dig this strain.

Aroma: Ginger, Valencia Orange, Menthol.
Flavor: Ginseng, Artificial Fruit Zest, Potpourri, Earth, Medicinal Herbs, with a finish of spearmint.
Feeling: Focused, Relaxed.

The Fire Scale: 6/10 flame-doodles

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There are a lot of misconceptions are marijuana strains. For starters, not all indicas or indica-dominant hybrids leave you feeling like a brain-dead zombie. Secondly, not all marijuana strains get you high as a kite on the first inhale. Orange Cookies marijuana seeds break both these stereotypes. This indica-dominant hybrid (60/40) provides a mellow, laid-back experience that feels easy to handle and effortless.

With THC levels in the 14-16% range, Orange Cookies is mild enough for a variety of smokers to enjoy. There are not known to be any negative side effects, such as paranoia or anxiety. Orange Cookies starts with a gentle mind uplift that’s euphoric and happy. Users frequently notice a mild body buzz that leaves them with the tingles. Orange Cookies is a great strain for users who want to perk up, cheer up, and laugh it up.


Orange Cookies marijuana seeds provide a relaxing and gentle high that’s suitable for a variety of smokers. With THC levels around 14-16% this high feels soothing, energizing, and social.

Even though it leans more towards the indica side, the cerebral buzz of Orange Cookies feels more like a sativa. It can make you extra giggly, social, and chatty. As their name suggests, Orange Cookies marijuana seeds have a citrus aroma mixed with earthiness. The nugs of these marijuana plants are dense, medium-sized, and are usually covered in chunky trichomes.