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og kush fast cannabis seeds

O.G Kush Auto will produce a heavy set and dense buds that reek with a strong pine fragrance. The calyxes are very dense and despite her having a smaller, bulky and stocky characteristic, her extra loud terpene profile and ridiculous potency certainly make up for it, as well as the insane amounts of frost each bud produces.

Original Auto O.G Kush will grow with thin branching and short internodal spacing. Thanks to her Indica dominance, her profile will be medium to tall sized where yields of 450-550gr/m2 can be harvested in 63 days. Her easy to grow nature makes her a perfect choice for those new to growing autoflowering Cannabis, where she will produce one main central cola, with long thin side branches.

Smoke report

The effects of this lady are devastatingly potent and not for the light-hearted. Smoking this will induce a high that is slow, heavy-bodied, and extremely long-lasting. Too much of this strain will send you to sleep or at least feel like you are fighting that feeling off. A perfect strain for medical patients looking for therapeutic benefits or those looking to put their feet up and smoke themselves into a dream coma.

Be careful if growing this strain outdoors, when she flowers her terpenes will really begin to stink, so be vigilant of neighbors and the aroma. It is possible to grow O.G Kush Auto in cold climates as she is used to the cold California night times. Thanks to her Indica heritage, this lady can take a big feeding on a regular basis, so be prepared to increase the strength of your nutrient solution when growing this strain. She will require little maintenance once planted and will finish with a medium tall sized profile.

The flavor can be described as a profound blend of pine, citrus, and a pungent earth. Kush lovers will go crazy for this lady as she coats the palate with a combination of smoky creamy citrus and chemicals with a distinct kerosene overtone.

OG Kush Fast Flowering is a great all-round strain that produces a fantastic buzz. Its complex and layered high soothes and satisfies both mind and body, making it great for either recreational or therapeutic use. And its high yields ensure it will always be a rewarding grow. Factor in its rapid flowering times and this is a strain that has it all.

Just like the plant during the vegetation phase, buds of OG Kush Fast emit a distinctly fuel-like odor. Here, diesel is the dominant aroma, complemented by notes of lemon and a slight skunkiness. The overall fragrance is layered and full-bodied, exhibiting this strain’s complex terpene profile.

OG Kush Fast Flowering can also be grown outside. Plants prefer sunny, more Mediterranean conditions, with harvest taking place in September. Generally, plants reach heights of 100-180cm and produce yields of 500-600g/m2.


In terms of appearance, OK Kush Fast produces plants that are much more indica than the original OG Kush. Plants are relatively short and compact and extremely bushy. A large number of lateral branches contributes to the dense patches of foliage — growth that underpins this strain’s sizeable yields.

Olive-colored buds are tall and extremely dense. Fan leaves and sugar leaves offer little contrast, taking on similar shades of green, and pistil coverage is minimal. But that doesn’t detract from the overall appearance. Heavy crystal production is showcased in a thick coating of trichomes that covers both leaves and buds, giving the entire plant a glistening white sheen.

Naturally, this combination of cerebral and bodily effects lends itself to a huge range of therapeutic uses. OG Kush Fast is exceptional at alleviating the symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression, and has been used to treat mood disorders like bipolar and PTSD. It’s an effective pain-reliever and is often used to treat conditions like fibromyalgia and multiple sclerosis. In higher doses, it can also be used to combat insomnia.

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