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nothern critical cannabis seeds

Northern Critical is renowned for growing large buds wrapped in a dense blanket of crystalline trichomes with large outputs. On the other side, Northern Lights is known for exercising a romantic euphoric feeling that leaves the muscles soft and motionless. Both types are excellent but bring them together and the findings are much more impressive. There’s no need to pick between these two Indica powerhouses due to Northern Critical. The huge nugs of Northern Critical include a musky, loamy smell of soil combined with a zesty scent. Flavor-wise, this hybrid combines the fruity, sour-yet-sweet flavor of Critical Mass with the Northern Lights’ spicy kick.

Northern Critical Marijuana Seeds is a marijuana variety, mainly Indica, which grows just 50 to 100 cm long. aBut then you can anticipate high yields of up to 550 grams per sq m indoors and 800 to 900 gr/plant outdoors, considering its size. It is an early bloomer with oaky, acidic, spicy, and sweet flavors that yield highly dense buds.


Sleepiness will quickly follow, and nothing will sound more enticing by this point than lying down for the ensuing almost imminent snooze. It should come as no surprise that this strain brings adverse effects such as cottonmouth and dry lips even at small to medium doses. Overindulgence, such as exacerbated anxiety or hysteria, may cause more severe adverse reactions. The easiest way to ensure a pleasurable experience is to keep the dose minimal.

It doesn’t take long for the results of Indica to kick in either. A wet, calm feeling expands from the temples, down to the backbone, and across the entire body just a few minutes after the first puff. The muscles stiff will noticeably relax, releasing tension and stress before all pain is released by the body.

Stress and exhaustion in all walks of life are typical woes lately. Fortunately, to deliver long-lasting relaxation, Northern Critical is on hand: with only a few swings, the heavy-hitting psychoactive characteristics bring in a state of happiness and euphoria that will make you happy for hours on end. These invigorating results help you offload any concerns that weigh your mind down, keep you feeling warm, chilled-out, and full of optimism.

Like any other THC-enriched strain, Northern Critical could also cause unpleasant reactions when consumed excessively. Both novice and seasoned users may experience cottonmouth and dry, red eyes. These are relatively harmless, although they can be uncomfortable. Staying amply-hydrated before, during, and after intake helps prevent the sensations of dryness.

This Indica takes pride in its ultra-massive flowers – courtesy of its Critical heritage. To prevent the branches from snapping under the heavy colas’ weight, you may have to provide additional support during the flowering stage. The buds come in deep green color and are covered in a generous amount of burnt orange pistils. Shimmering white trichomes coat the surface, offering a stark contrast against the dark coloration.


Northern Lights – also known as the aurora borealis – describe the bright, dancing lights seen in the sky, particularly in high-latitude areas. It might seem strange to call a strain after an astronomical phenomenon, but it couldn’t be more aptly named. After all, at the onset, this ganja’s high is hallucinogenic and cerebrally charged, making you feel like you’re witnessing the full glory of the borealis. Plus, it will also have you thinking about your place in the universe and the grand scheme of things. Eventually, it turns dreamy and profoundly relaxing, pulling your body back to earth in sheer bliss.

We recommend Northern Lights x C99 Fem if you’re after a distinctive sensory experience. This hybrid enjoys a complex terpene profile, composed predominantly of alpha-pinene, terpinolene, and ocimene. Upon opening the bag, the colas exude the enticing blend of sweet fruits, lemon, pine, and wood. Once blazed up, the tropical flavors immediately pervade the mouth, making you feel like you’re indulging in a freshly-prepped smoothie. The sandalwood and pine undertones become more intense on the exhale.

At the peak of the high, the strain’s soothing effects will take center stage. Heavy, toe-curling warmth will travel across the body, eliminating pains, aches, and overall fatigue. Simultaneously, your limbs will also feel more leaden, making you sink deeper into the couch. It won’t be long before drowsiness finally kicks in. This ganja’s sedating nature is also why it’s best smoked at night, ideally a few hours before you hit the sack.