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Godzilla Glue is a surprisingly mellow cannabis strain, perfect for kicking back and relaxing without sedation–the only thing monstrous about it are the size of its impressive buds.

Misty Kush marijuana is a 50/50 hybrid with a cerebral high that lasts until you settle down. Well suited to having a good time, the strain features an above average level of THC and offers an impressive yield for growers, novice to master.

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Originally created to lighten any mood, Auto God’s Green Crack targets both the brain and body to provide gentle cerebral stimulation, a happier mood, and full-body relaxation.

Popular with lovers of indica and sativa, Project Blue Book is a well balanced cannabis strain that will stimulate the mind while soothing the body.

One of the main reasons that many growers in the Pacific Northwest decide to grow outdoors instead of growing indoors is the upfront investment required for indoor growing. Indoor growing required a wide range of growing equipment as well as a larger indoor space to actually grow the marijuana plants. The average cannabis grower, especially if they are a beginner wont have the money to invest in a high-end indoor growing setup. And growers in the Pacific Northwest have the opportunity to grow outdoors for much cheaper.

If you are planting your cannabis in the outdoor soil and not in a grow tent then your plants are more exposed to the elements. This can be dangerous for your plants can even ruin your entire grow. Heavy rain can cause a wide range of issues for your cannabis plan such as drowning the plant, stunting the growth of the cannabis, unrooting the plant, causing moldy flowers, washing away the nutrients, and other problems.

Growing Outdoors In The Pacific Northwest

The rainy season in the Pacific Northwest is much different than the rainy season in other locations. The cooler climate mixed with a heavy rainy season can cause many issues for individuals who are growing cannabis. As you may know, water it vital for growing marijuana, but too much water and moisture can cause serious issues for the health of your cannabis plant.

The rainy season in the Pacific Northwest can be cold and long. The length of the season and the amount of rain it gets can be difficult for cannabis plants to survive if you aren’t prepared for it.

If you are interested in having a successful grow session in the Pacific Northwest then our guide will guide you through the entire process. As the Northwest of the United States is a unique location, we recommend using the best outdoor strains Pacific Northwest, as well as few other tips to get the most out of your grow.