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nirvana shop cannabis seeds

Most people know Nirvana Shop as the place where they got their first set of seeds, soil, and other grow supplies. They do provide a great place to get everything you need for your first grow all at once – and for a reasonable price. For this reason, they’re often recommended to new growers and quickly become a favorite. Their seeds offer a great value for the money. They’re not regarded as a luxury brand amongst the best seed banks in the industry but are considered a great place to start out.

In 1995, Nirvana Shop was officially founded as an online seed bank. Since then, their original strains have been consistently available, as well as the new hybrid strains that the Nirvana team comes out with on a regular basis. They’re always striving to improve upon the solid strains that they already offer. By 2021, they’ve gone through generations and generations of plants, making them better each time.

Nirvana Seeds History

Tangerine Dream Autoflower

Super Silver Haze Feminized

The Nirvana seed bank website is easy to navigate and has plenty of search features and filters to help you find what you need. You can look for strains that grow well indoors or outdoors, autoflowering, feminized, or regular, or any combination of the above. You can also filter your results by hybrid strains, predominantly indica strains, or predominantly sativa strains. Two unique things that the Nirvana Shop website offers is the ability to search by desired effect (energetic, euphoric, happy relaxed, sleepy, talkative, uplifted, or any combination of those) and by symptom for medical marijuana strains (anxiety, appetite, cramps, depression, fatigue, headaches, insomnia, nausea, pain, stress, or any combination of those.) You can also search by flavor, grow difficulty, THC content, CBD content, average yield, flowering period, and plant height. If you use a combination of all these filters, you can quickly narrow down the selection to only the strains that work for your particular growing situation and preferences. This makes it really easy to find a strain you will love, even if you aren’t familiar with any of the strains or are growing for the first time.

As you may remember from the band, the name 'Nirvana' means a state of enlightened happiness, just what marijuana from Nirvana Seeds offers. The idea of the Nirvana Seed Company started back in the 1980's when the founder moved from his position at the legendary Positronics grow shop in Amsterdam to start his own cannabis seeds business. He spent years travelling, seeking out and collecting marijuana seeds from the finist strains available and after applying and expanding his knowledge in a number of Amsterdam's well-known grow shops, the time had come to offer the world the expertise he had gained and the excellent products he had developed and Nirvana Seeds was born and now offers a range of regular, feminised and autoflowering cannabis seeds for everyone to enjoy.

Product Information

Nirvana Seeds Availability

More years have gone into experimenting, growing, cross-breeding and developing new cannabis strains, from which only the very best are selected for Nirvana's range of first-rate hybrids.
For those that want to go a step further than the AK47, try the AK48 Nirvana weed seed. It packs a mighty punch and with a flowering period of just 48 days making it ideal for anyone who wants the power of one of the strongest early-finishing strains available, but can't wait too long for it there is also an automatic version available with a seed to harvest 11 – 13 weeks. If you´re looking for a big bushy plant thats guaranteed to produce a large clusters of flowers then Lithium OG Kush should go to the top of your list, euphoric effect, fruity flavor and a killer of pain and depression this outstanding variety has it all.

But these are just a few samples of the full collection available from this outstanding seed bank and they are all here for your delight at the Original Seeds Store. Take a selection of single seeds, breeder packs of 3, 5 or 10 or as with most cannabis seedbanks on this site we have all Nirvana strains available to buy in bulk so take a look and find a cannabis strain from the Nirvana Seeds section that suits you.