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new cannabis seeds 2021

Wow. That was a rough year. 2020 took us all to a place that we never thought we’d experience. Although things still aren’t perfect, it’s always darkest just before dawn. 2021 looks to be a much better year for all of us. We’re starting to adjust to the situation, experiencing much less fear than at the beginning, and we’re all trying as hard as possible to regain a sense of normalcy in our lives.

You’ve never tasted an autoflowering strain this fruity. By crossing Tropicanna Cookies with Lemon OG, our breeders cooked up a strain that—once tasted—you’ll never want to go without. Her colourful flowers produce a THC level of 20%, medium quantities of CBD, and sugary terpenes. These phytochemicals converge to induce a tranquil and meditative high. Blaze these buds before morning walks and yoga sessions for instant zen.

Royal Runtz

This exciting new variety offers the highest level of CBDV in the Royal Queen Seeds archive. Otherwise known as cannabidivarin, CBDV provides soothing and clear-headed effects without any high. This strain offers 5% CBDV alongside 5% CBD, with only 0.3% THC. Vape these buds for mental clarity throughout the day, without losing your ability to function. She’ll grow well just about anywhere, but prefers a slightly cooler climate.

Away from breeding, regular strains boast extremely study genetics. They produce robust plants that are resilient against disease and adverse weather. Cuttings from these plants also produce strong and viable clones that enable growers to skip the germination process and create identical copies of high-performing plants.

Our feminized varieties offer a 99.9% chance of emerging as flower-bearing females. If you’re growing with the goal of thick and resinous flowers in mind, don’t miss out on these productive cultivars. They offer sky-high levels of THC and tantalising terpene profiles.

“It’s crazy. Everyone wants that one. It’s such a wonderful strain to grow—very sativa with a sweet bit of cherry musk and funk, like a gassy funk,” he said.

Thanos is a daddy: Ethos punches up Cookies with their “End Game” crosses. (Courtesy Ethos Genetics)

Found in fine Oregon dispensaries, Massive Seeds sells Yuzu Tangie, which is Tangie crossed to Lemon Pineapple, mixed to Orangeade. Breeders list lineage like a math equation: ((Tangie x Lemon Pineapple) x Orangeade).

Zkittlez and Runtz run amok

Hashmakers will want Dying Breed Seeds, who crosses everything to their OG Eddy Lep, including:

Denver-based Ethos Genetics also gorges on cookie crosses with its End Game line, now in three varieties.

“It’s a lot of newer growers that are afraid of males and they want to get something that won’t have male seeds,” he said. “People don’t like the experience of having to throw away plants that they don’t want.”

Make ’em jelly: Jelly Rancher fem seeds are sweet, berry, grape hybrid-sativa fun for ’21. (Courtesy Humboldt Seed Company)

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