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my cannabis seed laid down once it sprouted

Soil is an easy, more natural method with which to germinate your cannabis seeds. The soil protects the fragile roots from any interference, and soil is, after all, where a cannabis plant would grow in the wild.

Place the soil in a small pot and use your finger or a pencil to push a small hole in the dirt, a bit more than half an inch deep. Insert the seed into the hole and bury it with soil. From this point on, don’t touch your seed. The young plant is fragile and knows how to position itself in the soil bed.

How to germinate cannabis seeds

When a seed enters an environment with enough moisture, it will increase in size and slowly break out of its shell. A seedling or germ forms from which roots will emerge, helping the baby plant absorb nutrients from the soil. Seeds naturally develop roots facing down and stems stretching upward, allowing the young cannabis plant to simultaneously feed off light and earth.

First, make sure you use the correct type of soil, either gently fertilized potting soil or a seed starter with a pH level of approximately six (6). The soil contains the right acidity and enough nutrients to strengthen your young cannabis plants for the first two weeks. Be careful not to add more nutrients, or you risk overfeeding and killing your seeds.

Use a spray bottle to moisten the paper towels and then store the cushioned seeds between two plates, under a face-down bowl, or gently place them in a plastic bag. Photo by: Gina Coleman/Weedmaps

The cotyledons unfurl and then the regular cannabis leaves between to grow. Here's another view of that same seedling from above only a few hours later. Even though it may have looked a bit weird at first, this seedling is completely normal and will grow just fine from now on!

If your root is growing straight up like in the picture below, it's not good. This is most common in seedling plugs. The tender white root tip has a good chance of drying out or being exposed to too much light. You want to strongly consider doing some "plant surgery" to turn this little seedling around to the right direction 🙂

When this happens the shell usually falls off on its own as the seedling grows!

After germination, the tip goes down and stays white, and the other side that's contained in the shell tries to work its way up, and that part of the stem turns green. Sometimes it looks like the root is going upside down because it appears that it's not strong enough to be able to push the seed up.

Is your cannabis seedling growing upside down? Has the tap root come above the soil?

As long as the tip of the root stays wet the seedling will be fine! The "root" is the same as what is going to become the stem. If it appears green it means that part of the root is already in "stem" mode and isn't sensitive to the light.

If you just wait a little everything will have righted itself 🙂 Here's that seedling 12 hours later…

They have only one genetics, and should not be used for breeding;

Negative points of feminized seeds:

After that time, take the glass. The seeds must have sunk to the bottom. If they didn’t do it alone, you can push them with your finger. Those that do not come down at all are not good to germinate.

Feminized seeds

Check that the area in which they are kept is warm, between 20 and 30 ° C.

Separate the good ones, and let’s start!

Step 2:

Autoflowering plants, which come from automatic seeds, change from the vegetative state to the flowering state with age, not the change in their light cycle. They have a short growing and harvesting period, and can be ready for harvest in just 2 ½ to 3 months from the time you put the seeds in the soil.