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most popular cannabis seeds

There are many different strains and varieties of seeds, such as auto-flowering seeds, feminized seeds, and medicinal strains. Pineapple Chunk, Cash Crop, AK49, Super Cheese, OG Kush, and the Widow are their bestselling marijuana strains.

If you want cannabis seeds ship to the USA, this company is the way to go, which offers tons of marijuana seeds and offers advertisements to find what you like. If you’re not sure what to try, the breeder has a variety of professional and amateur starter and value packs. That way you can try them out by size to see what you like.

Some of the best-selling brands of their product are Jack Herer feminized, Quebec gold feminized, AK47, and QC black gold marijuana seeds. Although the seed bank is located in Canada, it delivers the weed seeds all over the world via fast and secure courier service.

How to Know Your Cannabis Seeds are Real

Most packages offer exceptionally fast shipping and take less than 3 weeks to be delivered. MSNL Seeds has received a ton of awards for its marijuana genetics. They offer excellent seeds that are guaranteed to be top-notch. The seeds are handled and developed by first-class specialists in their company. So you don’t have to worry about damaged seeds or other problems. The professional inspector checks all normal seeds manually before sending them to you.

To further complicate the whole question of the legality of cannabis seeds, some states allow you to legally possess the seeds but not grow them. Only fewer than 20 states allow you to grow cannabis plants legally, so even if you can legally own the seeds in other states, you can’t do anything with them.

You can buy marijuana seeds online with no concern about their stealth service program. They will cleverly hide the seeds in things like very ordinary CDs, birthday cards, and the like. It will be tracked along with your order so you know exactly when it will arrive too. You will experience high-quality strains ideal for recreational and medicinal uses.

Here’s everything you need to know about buying cannabis seeds online in the US and the top quality seed banks to find them at.

And remember, if you can’t decide on a single strain, we won’t judge you for picking all 10.

Keep reading to discover our most popular cannabis strains of 2020. These 10 feminized strains are your most sought-after seeds, each delivering some of the best flavours and yields we have to offer.

If you’re still undecided on what to grow this year, look no further. Let’s jump straight into our most popular feminized cannabis strains of 2020.


No matter what kind of cannabis you love, you’ll find the perfect specimen on our list of the most popular feminized strains of 2020. Below, we’ve assembled 10 of our highly sought-after varieties, along with a short description of what makes them a must-have for 2020.

Up first is the insanely powerful Royal Gorilla. THC levels of over 25% will leave you surfing the giddy heights of euphoria in no time. And, thanks to RG’s pungent earthy and pine notes, it’s a high you’ll want to savour every moment of.

What may come as a massive surprise is that Royal Gorilla’s genetic foundation was not the result of years of meticulous breeding, but the outcome of accidental pollination. All we can say is, while God works in mysterious ways, this time, she outdid herself. With indoor yields of 500–550g/m² and a flowering time of approximately 9–10 weeks, there’ll be plenty of Royal Gorilla to go around.

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Seedsman is a long-time trusted cannabis seed bank with a massive selection. Buy feminized seeds, regular seeds, and autoflowering seeds from 129 top breeders at bargain prices. The Seedsman website is secure and well categorized to help you find the right marijuana seeds for your grow. Pay by credit card, debit card, bank transfer, cash, check, money order or use Bitcoin for 15–25% off every order plus an even greater free seed bonus. Stealth packaging, fast shipping to the USA and worldwide. Over 19,000 Seedsman reviews on Trustpilot add up to an “Excellent” 4.3-star rating. Check the sale page to find the latest seed packs marked down in price.

Charges made through your bank are discreet and don’t include words like “seed”, “cannabis”, “marijuana”, etc. Contact the seed bank company for a more direct explanation regarding their payment processing.

If wholesale bulk cannabis seeds are what you’re looking for, Tiger-One Distribution is the main source of it all. Whether you’re looking to start your own seed bank or just obtain a large supply for production, Tiger-One Distribution supplies the cannabis seeds sold by many popular retail and online seed banks. Worldwide stealth shipping. In order to buy from the Tiger-One website, you need to apply for a wholesale account where you’ll be asked to fill in the details about your business reselling or agricultural use.