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most expensive cannabis seeds

Price Per Ounce: $500
Seed Cost: $125
Clone Cost: $200

2. Fruity Pebbles
Fruity Pebbles is an Indica strain that offers a more modest 22%THC and 1% CBD. Its cannabinoids are not its main selling point. This strain when given the proper nutrients will produce massive bright multi-colored buds, fruity smell and flavor that resembles the bright fruity pebbles cereal, we all know and love.

Price Per Ounce: $600
Seed Cost $200
Clone Cost: $1000

Price Per Ounce: $280
Seed Cost $150
Clone Cost: $250

9. Godfather OG
OG has long been considered one of the most potent strains in the world producing a high 34% THC content. This Indica marijuana strain works hard for its price point and provides an experience you will not forget but is currently some of the most expensive weed you can buy on the market.

Price Per Ounce: $600
Seed Cost: $100
Clone Cost: $50

Seeds are somewhat of a misunderstood section of the cannabis market. Since most places in the world have yet to legalize the production and sale of seeds, the majority of regular weed strains come at an artificially inflated price. The most expensive weed strain won’t be grown by just any average Joe as some of these price tags are simply unaffordable for most, but if you do have the pleasure of growing or smoking one of these jewels you are one lucky soul.

Second, Oracle supposedly bloomed in record time. Growers wouldn’t have to wait several months for their flowers any longer. Both of these traits pumped up the price of these genetics, with seeds costing $200 each and clones reaching a hefty price tag of $1000. Sounds revolutionary, right?

But what was the catalyst for all of this hype? Well, Oracle reportedly featured two groundbreaking traits that set her apart from almost every other strain in existence. First, rumour had it that her exceptionally resinous flowers produced a gargantuan THC content of 45%.

Unfortunately, all of this hype turned out to be entirely unfounded—probably a mix of false marketing and over-excited cannabis enthusiasts on the receiving end. In 2013, a cannabis testing facility by the name of The Werc Shop obtained samples of this strain and put them to the test. Not only did Oracle not contain 45% THC, but she contained almost none at all.

Affordable Alternative: CBD Fix Automatic

But are these premium seeds worth the money? Well, it depends. Some of them do offer something special, whereas others turn out to be completely over-hyped for the sake of marketing.

This mysterious strain grabbed the attention of the cannabis world in 2009. Rumour began spreading that the cultivar could fuel a breakthrough in cannabis potency. The name kept popping up everywhere, from online cannabis forums to real-world events.

This excellent strain offers CBD levels of up to 15% alongside a THC level of 0.8%. She descends from Northern Light Auto and a CBD-rich clone and remains at a small and easily manageable size. Hit these dense flowers for a light and subtle effect that will help you stay productive and focused all day long.

Paying such a high price for a high-CBD cultivar makes no sense at all. There are other high-quality strains out there that offer almost the same traits. Take CBD Fix Automatic, for example.