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most expensive cannabis seeds for sale

Che is the youngest son of Ben Dronkers and holds a degree in law from the University of Amsterdam with a minor in business, specialising in entrepreneurship and innovation. Che continues to broaden his knowledge with an eye for subjects which are particularly relevant to Sensi Seeds, taking post-academic courses in areas of the law such as the rights of seed breeders.

Ovеrаll, hоwеvеr, mоrе еxреnѕіvе ѕееdѕ аrе knоwn tо рrоduсе bеttеr cannabis. Thе mоѕt еxреnѕіvе Cannabis seeds are tурісаllу created wіth ѕtrоng gеnеtісѕ thаt will іnfluеnсе thе final рrоduсt. Nоt аll ѕееdѕ with ѕtrоng gеnеtісѕ аrе nесеѕѕаrіlу еxреnѕіvе thоugh.

Cannabis Seed Strain

Sensi Seeds and the Future

Jack Herer’s genetics has the distinction of being distributed under prescription by Dutch pharmacies as a recognised variety of medicinal-grade cannabis. Jack Herer is the only cannabis strain that can say this.

Let’s see them together!

One of the most luxurious varieties of marijuana seeds in our catalogue is Gelato XXL Auto-flower seeds, a hemp plant with a mix of 60% Sativa and 40% Indica. These seeds come from the cross between Girl Scout Cookies AUTO and Sunset Sherbert, whose mother is Mint Girl Scout Cookies, which gives this hybrid a very characteristic refreshing mint aroma.


Finally, among the most expensive and rarest cannabis seeds on the market, we find the seeds of El Gaucho, a hemp variety with 70% indica and 30% Sativa. This marijuana plant is the result of the hybridisation of the Sierra Madre and Blue Mountain in the South American crops of BSF Seeds and takes its name from it.

The flowers produced from El Gaucho seeds have delightful fruity and sweet flavours and can be harvested in record time thanks to the fast flowering of this fast-flowering seed variety, which only lasts 6 weeks. The THC content of the buds can reach 22%, and the harvest is quite abundant despite the short waiting times, as you can read below:

It is, therefore, a product made up of 50% Sativa and 50% indica, whose characteristic aromas are lemon, cedar and the particular note of incense inherited from the Haze gene.

Price Per Ounce: $350
Seed Cost: $175
Clone Cost: $250

2. Fruity Pebbles
Fruity Pebbles is an Indica strain that offers a more modest 22%THC and 1% CBD. Its cannabinoids are not its main selling point. This strain when given the proper nutrients will produce massive bright multi-colored buds, fruity smell and flavor that resembles the bright fruity pebbles cereal, we all know and love.

10. Chemdawg
The notorious Chemdawg is an Indica Dominant Hybrid. This intense buzz-inducing cannabis strain is most often enjoyed by more seasoned marijuana users due to its overwhelming and long-lasting effects. With 32% THC content, a sour diesel taste and a sweet but pungent smell that lingers. This strain is unique due to its incredibly short grow cycle while still being able to produce some of the most potent weed in the world.

Price Per Ounce: $600
Seed Cost $200
Clone Cost: $1000

7. White Fire OG
WFOG is a Hybrid that is most widely known for its qualities that seems to offer the best of both worlds. If you want an intense but energetic high that is sure to impress you can’t go wrong. White Fire OG is the third most expensive weed on this list and one of the most sought-after marijuana strains out there. More for experienced users as WFOG contains an average of 30% THC.

Price Per Ounce: $250
Seed Cost: $80
Clone Cost: $50

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