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most consistent cannabis seeds

Ease of growing – General hardiness of strains

Nirvana has earned a reputation as a consistent breeder with high-quality yet reasonably priced genetics. Although they have a relatively small selection, all of their genetics are ultra-stabilized and produce high-quality buds. Nirvana’s founder spent years traveling and collecting marijuana genetics, then spent started experimenting, growing, cross-breeding, and developing new cannabis strains. Nirvana (as we know it today) officially opened in 1995 with a physical location in Amsterdam.

Great Auto-Flowering Breeders

Example of a Utopia Haze bud

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Because of better attitudes about cannabis around the world, we get…

Buy White Russian Regular seeds?

Original Afghani #1 is an Afghani indica landrace cannabis strain known for its dense, resinous buds superb for hash production. A true-breeding inbred line strain originally obtained from Sacred Seeds in the seventies, the Original Afghani #1 regular seeds sold by Seedsman are stable genetics for breeders to work with. The plants grow short, stocky, and are quick to finish. Huge aromatic buds that ooze copious amounts of resin. Stoney indica high.

10. White Russian Regular Seeds

Buy Black Widow Regular Seeds?

Buy Maple Leaf Indica Regular Seeds?

G13 Haze is a hybrid that combines the legendary G13 genetics—perhaps the most coveted marijuana strain in history—with Hawaiian Haze. It’s an excellent regular seed strain for growers and breeders alike. The hardy, sativa-dominant plants are easy to cultivate both indoors and outdoors. However, flowering time is slightly longer than average. Abundant yields of buds come in loaded with trichomes and sweet, spicy terpenes. Strong high. 21% THC.

Say you only have a small, short space but you desperately want to grow tall plants and have them reach their full potential in terms of yield and potency. Is it even possible?

The Best and Most Popular Cannabis Seed Strains of 2021

Being a hybrid, you get the best of both worlds when it comes to effects. Sunset Sherbet boasts a 25% THC level, so the immediate effect is energizing and uplifting, but the initial high mellows into a light and calming stone that will leave you in control, focused, and up for anything – Sunset Sherbet is a great daytime strain, also suitable for wake-and-bake.

A Note About “Optimal Conditions”

Wedding Cake is a good fit for beginner growers. This is because it’s very resistant against diseases and pests. It’s also not that tall in terms of height, hitting a range of around 100-150 cm. It generally flowers after around 8-10 weeks.

However, the most notable element when it comes to Bruce Banner #3 is its THC potency. Levels of 25% or even higher have been noted in optimal growing conditions. This strain is perfect for a nice wake and bake. After a few hits, it will leave you feeling uplifted and euphoric. You’ll also start to feel a full body buzz and increased creativity. The perfect way to start your day!

This plant can thrive well in indoor and outdoor settings, but there is one specific trait you need to be mindful of: the branches. Strawberry Cough tends to have branches that grow very far out. However, this robust structure helps to support the larger-than-average buds and this strain works pretty well with sea-of-green setups. Overall, Strawberry Cough is considered to be a newcomer-friendly strain.

This indica-dominant hybrid is a combination of the classic Girl Scout Cookies strain and Cherry Pie. The result is one of the best cannabis seeds around, that’s big on flavor, yield, and potency as well.