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moonshine cannabis seeds

A mostly Indica plant with vigorous, branched, medium-sized growth, OTM has long, broad leaves of dark green color. It adapts perfectly to any type of substrate and responds well to different cultivation techniques, SOG, SCROG or classical culture.

This line of Old Time Moonshine was created by the selecting the most Sativa-leaning phenotype, one that produces a large quantity of resin, making it perfectly adapted to carry out all type of resin extractions; BHO, Dry Sift, Water Hash or Rosin.
Its bloom period is 7-8 weeks, during which time it forms large, dense buds covered with large trichomes rich in terpenes, exuding an aroma of Blueberry muffins. When the heads are well refined its musky and fruity smell will have some earthy and floral notes.

This genetic line offers many phenotypic expressions and mutations that will be of great interesting to both growers and breeders to select from according to their preferences and keep a mother plant for cuttings. OTM is an important genetic stock and forms the base for some of Mosca Seeds projects.

Old Time Moonshine from Mosca Seeds is a cannabis strain created with the aim of preserving one of veteran breeder DJ Short‘s most loved varieties, now available from

Towards the end of flowering, the flowers can assume a purple colour which will be more pronounced if the temperatures are cool at the end of cultivation.

Don’t mess around with Moonshine — this counts for the alcoholic beverage and marijuana strain. Staying true to her name, Moonshine Haze delivers jaw-dropping effects that may feel overwhelming to novice smokers. The effects of Moonshine Haze marijuana seeds are loud, proud, and in your face. There’s no missing the psychoactive effects that come from 24% THC. To give you some perspective, 30% is believed to be the highest THC content on the market.

Moonshine Haze is an 80/20 sativa-dominant hybrid that can be found at Why should you choose this strain? Well, for starters, you’ll likely feel instantly happy, euphoric, and cheerful. The effects travel straight to the brain to make users feel energetic and social. Moonshine Haze can be a social strain as long as you know everyone can handle her 24% THC. If you pass this girl around, you and your friends will have the time of your life giggling and making interesting conversation.

You don’t want to mess around with Moonshine — the drink or the marijuana strain. Moonshine Haze marijuana seeds produce a sweet and fruity aroma that smells like grapefruit. The effects are mostly cerebral, leaving you energized, euphoric, and social.


Another pro to Moonshine Haze marijuana seeds is their sweet and intoxicating smell. Moonshine Haze marijuana plants have notes of grapefruit, citrus, and fresh-picked flowers. It’s a very summery scent that has a perfume-like undertone. This sativa-dominant hybrid also has a relaxing side that kicks in towards the end of the high.