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moonrock cannabis seeds

Anesia have created something exquisite with Blackberry Moonrocks. There was a time when THC levels which crept towards 20% seemed excessive. Anesia thought they could do better, and created a cannabis strain with THC levels pushing 33%! As cannabis strains go this is not one to miss. It is well balanced: 80% Indica and 20% Sativa. Due to the strength, it surpasses medical standards too. The Indica dominance means that although this strain is ludicrously strong, the effects are very pleasant. Nevertheless, expect these unbelievably potent buds to take your mind and body out of this world.

These blue-purple nuggets taste how they look, like blackberries, blueberries and lavender . Just to remind you what your smoking, and betraying the serious strength of this strain, there is the slightest hint of citrus in there too. The soft smoke of Blackberry Moonrocks will delight you as it swirls about you in a heady fog.

A Game Changing Cannabis Strain

The potential yield on this plant is equally impressive. If treated well, the indoor weigh in can be up to 550gr/m2 – there will be enough THC on those plants to put a whale to sleep! These buds are seriously dense, almost rock solid, and are dripping with resin. The hefty weigh in means you can smoke some, and make extractions out of the rest. If this wasn’t enough, Blackberry Moonrocks has a speedy take off too, getting all the way from seed to harvest in as little as eight weeks. You won’t be waiting long before your life is full of these blue-back buds. It is a fairly large plant, reaching between 110cm and 130cm indoors and climbing to over 250cm outdoors, where it likes dry weather. Although, it is resistant to mould. On a good year it is feasible even in northern climates, as harvest comes around at the end of September, meaning it is ready to to go before the bad weather arrives. The best part about an outdoor grow is that you can get yourself up to 700gr per plant.

N.B Germination of Cannabis Seeds is illegal in the UK and prohibited by Killabeez.

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The taste is the perfect blend of lavender, blueberry and blackberry flavors with a light citrus note.

Their rare genes produce a premium grass that is hard to beat.


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It was developed from an extremely potent female Blue Moonrock and a male Blackberry Kush, which has a particularly pronounced terpene and cannabinoid profile.

Thanks to its large resin production, it is the ideal variety for the production of high quality extracts and concentrates.

They almost look as if they came from the moon and are excessively covered with trichomes.

Auto Moon Rock can be grown indoors and out, in greenhouses, balconies and terraces. For better productivity, use training techniques whilst vegetation, but remember that autoflowering cannabis should only undergo low-stress training like LST or ScroG. Also do not transplant your Auto Moon Rock plants. After one month’s vegetation Auto Moon Rock switches to flowering, which is accompanied with a 2-3 weeks’ burst in growth. With a good leaf-to-calyx ration, this kind of bush needs no defoliation, but make sure it gets all the light it can: move some branches aside and fix them if they keep the light from the rest. Whilst flowering, Auto Moon Rock reeks noticeably, but the smell is not pungent. Ready for outdoor harvesting by mid August.

Auto Moon Rock is a hybrid strain that produces sturdy and highly reliable plants rich in THC. This genotype was bred by crossing Afghani with a Nepalese Sativa landrace, and Divine Seeds breeders are proud to present this fast-growing and potent marijuana strain both to beginners (Auto Moon Rock does not demand much effort) and professional growers, who will definitely appreciate how vivid this exotic marijuana is.

Dry and cured buds smell of hash, cedar and fir. More appropriate for afternoon or night use, in smaller portions Auto Moon Rock is vastly enjoyed as a wake-and-bake strain. The tripping is overtly cerebral, often inspiring people for creativity or exploration. Strongly psychedelic, Auto Moon Rock has two faces: on one hand, your intuition becomes one with your mind, which often makes for brilliant thinking and action. On the other hand, easy tasks may seem unusual and therefore not so easy to accomplish. The effects do not wear out for 2-3 hours.