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Found this yesterday – kinda miffed there’s no shops opening nearby

Found this today. It looks like each province has different rules, but you can order

Asking the tough questions

check out

Now that marijuana is officially legal where can I buy good quality seeds?

Not a huge selection and they only have feminized but the price isn't as crazy as I thought. Ten seeds for $65 is about $6.5 a seed for feminized. Might give them a try.

i've ordered from there before, had no problems.

Just don't order the Skunk#1 Auto Quebec Seeds, all 5 seeds were photos. Everything else was fine. I order photos from JOTI (Jordan of the Islands) great genetics and throws in twice as many as you order.

Montreal cannabis seeds. By far beat company I've ever dealt with

Quebec Cannabis Seeds did good for me. Quick delivery, even in these times. Though, stock is a bit low at the moment

Ran some Northern Lights that came out way better than the mixed pack I had from Crop King where they all herm’ed out on me. Granted, that was my first grow ever but yeah, not going back to Crop King, despite their now expanded catalog.

I'm interested in trying out growing but need some help finding seeds. I want to buy them from a company in Canada. I'm aware of crop king seeds, lots of mixed reviews. True north seeds has a ton of terrible reviews. Can anybody help me find a dependable Canadian company to buy my seeds from?

I’ve used Dr Seeds (located in Toronto from what I can tell).

Fastest reddit reply ever! Thanks I'll check them out! probably the best selection over all, with a store in Brampton Ontario

Update! Placed my order on truenorthseedbank when they had 50% off. great deal. Seeds arrived today thanks for the advice.

I’m new to cultivating and purchased some seeds from Germination was a great success and the quality of plants are top notch. I placed the seeds in layers of moist paper towel and within 24 hours three already had roots emerge, the following two were a day behind.

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Yes The GG#4 and Blueberry both worked great for me