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ministry of cannabis seeds review

All the people involved into the Ministry of Cannabis project have a long and deep relationship with Cannabis. Company founders have more than 10 years of experience in this field. Our breeders have cooperated or worked for the most famous seed companies of this industry. Through the years it has been a passion to develop exclusive seeds for a small crowd. Now we have reached the level of excellence that we were looking for, and it’s time to offer our seeds to the world!

Ministry of Cannabis is listed as "gray" at the SeedFinder. This means we do not have very much info about this seedbank – you should have a view to the user-reviews or try by self at your own risk. Btw. This company is listed as a breeder at the SeedFinder.

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I’ve used M.O.C plenty but this last time was a nightmare. I placed an order for over $60 it never showed waited over a month so they resent it over three weeks ago still no show!! I checked an made sure my address was correct an it is.. I don’t get what happened to this company it use to be ok.. Now it’s a mess IAM pissed IAM out my $ an they say they only reship once so I guess IAM screwed.. I’ve ordered from seedsman twice since I placed my order with M.O.C an have gotten both packages from seedsman .. weird when there companies are so close together. So I guess I will be sticking with Seedsman. Stay away from M.O.C.

Einfach nicht geliefert!

Got 10 seeds of two different strains and they are all herme. Got another batch of different seeds from a different resource and all went well. Beware of MOC.

greetings from Amsterdam,

greetings from Amsterdam,

Ministry of Cannabis


I wanted to keep this in the same thread. My previous blog I gave an honest evaluation of how quick I got my seeds from Ministry of Cannabis. Seeds were in a small zip-lock baggie, w/ink initials of what strains I requested. No seed packet per say.

If you want, we can offer you a coupon discount for you next order, please let us know if interested.

you have ordered 4 strains, and it is absolutely impossible that they are all the same.

There Response: 8-30-10

The high is definitely one of my favorite kind. Very much sativa, and very much a stimulant (hyper), euphoric. Do not take before bed or you will not be sleeping.

The high is cerebral, a nice buzz in the head but it's also somewhat clear, with you able to keep your train of thought much better than you would with something like Amnesia.

From my short experience I strongly recommended MoC seeds, I have ordered some more and diaries will be uploaded shortly 🙂

First grow ever so I cant really judge it. Mostly because over her growth I added more and more accessories such as better LED, more vents, carbon filter etc' in addition to extra nutrition.
Most important thing is that until week 6 I had very small reservoir – only 1.1 gallons, which has been replaced with a 4.5 gallons reservoir.

When this one was w6 I planned 2 seeds more and by now I really think that Ministry of Cannabis are somehow underrated or at least not enough diaries here.