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The main reason it is and it will probably stay that way in the foreseeable future is the signing of a treaty, following the Convention on Narcotic Drugs in 1962. This important international treaty – which as such takes precedence over national law – determines that marijuana is illegal, but not its seeds. The 180 countries (including the UK) that signed the treaty, committed themselves to a definition of narcotics that does not include cannabis seeds.

Alright. Selling and owning cannabis seeds is legal in both the Netherlands and the UK. That makes buying seeds from our online seed shop completely legal if you are residing in the UK. However, as stated, marijuana itself is illegal as is its production or the (provable) intention to do so. That means that germinating the seeds into plants is an illegal act. A cannabis plant in that regard is no different from any other item of which the ownership is illegal. Both the actual ownership as (provable) attempts to gain ownership are illegal and punishable by law.

If you live in the UK and are interested in cannabis seeds, it is not always clear what is within the limits of the law and what is not. You might wonder for example: is it legal to order cannabis seeds in the UK through this web shop or via cannabis seed companies like Vault, Gorilla and Attitude seed bank? The short answer to that question is: Yes. It is legal to order and own cannabis seeds in the UK. Yet there are certain points of interest. Therefore we have written this article “Cannabis seeds UK” where you can read everything you need to know before you buy cannabis seeds in the UK.

Cannabis seeds occupy a certain grey area within the law. Although it is likely that any buyer intends to germinate those seeds to ultimately produce marijuana, it cannot be proven by buying or owning cannabis seeds by itself. In fact, there are definite alternative uses for cannabis seeds, apart from producing marijuana. Being rich in proteins and amino acids, they are considered a healthy food supplement. And by themselves, the seeds have none of the effects on one’s state of mind commonly attributed to marijuana. Therefore, neither owning or trading cannabis seeds is illegal in the UK. It is that way in most of Europe.

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