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medical cannabis seed bank south africa reviews

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Marijuana Seeds SA has been built on the knowledge and experience accumulated from the Netherlands. They then brought their gained knowledge and experience to popularize in South Africa. They want to contribute and want the South African cannabis community to enjoy and grow the best cannabis strains.

#5 (Amsterdam Seed Bank) Sensi Seeds – The world’s most popular seed bank and genetics

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MNSL’s seed warehouse is sure to impress you with its huge collection of cannabis strains, from the most powerful to the most popular. And the special thing is that all the seeds are fresh and well preserved to ensure high germination.

This seed bank places great emphasis on personal experience so they always try to build the best team of consultants. Dinafem Seeds provides one-to-one support to customers without any intermediaries, so customers get an optimal experience.

The Central Drug Authority (CDA) in South Africa handles drug policy across the area. As per the South African Position Paper on Cannabis, the government there takes the official position that prohibition is a must to maintain good public health.

There’s nothing like pulling out a top-shelf bud of dagga after harvest.

In South Africa, cannabis is illegal; it is classified as a Schedule 7 narcotic.

Big Bud Feminized Seed Strain

To be very discreet, if you decide to buy cannabis seeds in South Africa, you can conveniently buy them online from seed banks that ship to South Africa.

The places you’ll find the crop growing most often are KwaZulu-Natal, Eastern Cape, Mpumalanga, and Limpopo. However, in 2021, police are targeting growers, so be careful if you choose to engage in illegal activities.

In the poor farming communities in South Africa, growing cannabis plants is an important source of income for families, even though doing so is illegal there.

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