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The exclusively feminized plants have identical flowering modes to the regular ones. They bloom according to the photoperiod (and therefore to the seasons), generally when they receive 12 hours of light and 12 in the dark.

Precisely our company sells feminized and auto-flowering seeds of Indian hemp (Indica) and Sativa. We will show you here below the characteristics of these seeds: the most demanded on the market.

In the UK and Europe, it is possible to sell industrial hemp seeds (certified) and collectable cannabis seeds. Having already explained to you which are the certified seeds: the weakened ones with very low THC content, we will now give you more information about the collectable hemp seeds.

Purchasable cannabis seeds in The UK and Europe

Feminized cannabis seeds come from unique, genetically modified plants. The purpose of this genetic variation is to obtain seeds from which you can grow 99.9% of female cannabis plants.

Do you want to know which cannabis seeds can be purchased in the UK and Europe? Continue with the following paragraph!

The autoflowering cannabis seeds for sale on are produced by crossing feminized cannabis plants: Indica, Sativa or hybrid, with Ruderalis cannabis plants. From these seeds, the plants have 99.9% of the chances of being female … but not only.

Furthermore, illegally grown cannabis plants are confiscated by the authorities. For these reasons, our commercial activity is defined as the “sale of collectable cannabis seeds“. So, please remember this as if it were a mantra: “only collect, don’t grow!

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This is why we consider them ROYALTY:

A word to the wise: new smokers beware, this strain is POWERFUL.

What Marijuana Strain Should I Grow in the UK?

Have you ever seen that episode of the Simpsons where Homer is working too much and ends up in “Slumberland”. That’s kind of what Blackberry Kush can do. If you want a deep, restful sleep and don’t give a damn what time it is—Blackberry Kush can help you get to slumberland.

We put Strawberry Diesel at number 1 here because it’s HIGH on focus, and low on paranoia. If you’re one of the many smokers that are prone to paranoia with Sativa strains, then this bud’s for you. If however you don’t ever really get paranoid, you just get focused and peppy, there are 4 more strains that I’ll list below.

In a marijuana high there are 3 main factors: THC, terpenes, and cannabinoids. The INTERACTION between the 3 of these compounds is what dictates the type and level of you high. Terpenes for example give marijuana its relaxation effects. Cannabinoids are the Elon Musk SpaceX rockets that launch your brain into space.