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male and female african landrace cannabis seeds

bq.The Landrace cannabis varieties haven’t been mixed with any strain, then as a general rule their property and physiognomy use to be 100% Indica or Sativa.

The same happens with fashion, nowadays, in the world of marijuana after experimenting with the most varied and the newest, there exist a growing to return to the origins, to the purest strains of each region.

Behind the hybrid fever…

!(right)/system/site_photos/images/127/original/landrance3.jpeg?1405846114(Landrance Marihuana)!As time passed and created trade flows, these strains spread out to other areas, including South America, Asia, Jamaica, Africa and Russia.

Nowadays we talk about local varieties, these are the marijuana strains that have adapted to the surroundings of its geographical location.

When we say in the description different kind of marijuana strains it refers to the plants that are native of a concrete area.

Cannabis with Afghan genetics usually has spicy, earthy, and fresh flavours. Most strains are indica-leaning, so they’ll give you a relaxing, happy, couch-locking high perfect for enjoying at night.

Haze strains are for sativa fans that appreciate a heady cerebral buzz and daytime blazing. Their terpene profiles encompass many flavours, from sweet and lemony to coffee and chocolate.

Recreational users enjoy the stoning, relaxing, euphoric, or uplifting high induced by feminized strains. Given the vast variety of options out there, users can find some chill time in the evening or enjoy an energetic daytime buzz, depending on what they’re after. Also, since many strains feature different ratios of cannabinoids, terpenes, and sativa/indica genetics, you can experiment with different feminized strains to find a sweet spot in terms of effect.


Plant training is how growers keep their cannabis at the appropriate size and shape. It involves various techniques, including topping, pruning, super-cropping, pinching, and/or defoliating your plants. The purpose of all these, one way or another, is to optimise growing space and light exposure to obtain better yields.

We know there are a lot of different terms associated with cannabis, and they’re easy to mix up. To clear things up, we’ve decided to end this piece with a breakdown of essential cannabis terminology and concepts.

High-quality feminized seeds on the market today most often produce plants rich in THC. As the main psychotropic component in cannabis, all types of cannabis users enjoy the cannabinoid for the powerful high it initiates.

For healthy growth, your feminized cannabis plant will need various nutrients. To start, it’ll need nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, the three major “macronutrients”. It will also need micronutrients including calcium, iron, magnesium, copper, and various others.