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making tea with cannabis seeds


Making cannabis tea is a very easy process. Users find this is a relaxing alternative to smoking. The high is mellowed but the medical effect lasts much longer. We explain the details behind cannabis tea, and give a quick and easy recipe to make it.

2. Bring the water to a simmering boil in a saucepan. Lower the tea ball or infuser into the water. Let the saucepan simmer for 30 minutes. If the water looks as if it is getting low, add more water during the cook time.


The process for making effective (medical) marijuana tea requires preparation. THC can be extracted by boiling cannabis bud. However, adding alcohol, butter, oil or milk in the water is required, as THC is not water soluble, but can bind to fats and oil. These substances help dissolve the THC into your tea. Our recipe for cannabis tea will tell you exactly how to do so.


Inhaled cannabis is the fastest way to obtain relief. However, it is not always the optimal way to obtain cannabinoids.

Making cannabis tea can be as simple or as complex as you want. It is not exactly like making regular tea, but the end result is worth it.

Of course, if you are a cannabis lover, you probably treat your frosty nuggets as if they are solid chunks of gold, savoring each hit you take, but it often feels like those byproduct stems that are left over after you have smoked all the bud simply do not serve a purpose. Simultaneously, it can feel unfortunate throwing them away.

Fill up a saucepan or a kettle with 3 cups of purified water, (or more if you decided to increase the portion). If you have decided to go the milk, non-dairy milk, butter or coconut oil route, you will want to add this ingredient in before you begin heating the water. If you have decided to go the alcohol route, incorporate it after the water has already been boiled, so that the alcohol does not evaporate away and ruin your entire batch.

But Why Cannabis Stem Tea?

In this article we will explain to you in greater detail not only about the possible medical uses of cannabis stem tea, but also we will describe step by step how you can make this relaxing, hot drink right from the comfort of your very own home.

For those of us who like to see every last bit of everything we buy go to good use, there really isn’t anything better than cannabis stem tea. The world is full of waste; not only are landfills quickly being piled full with trash, but billions of dollars a year are wasted on products that were bought and not consumed or used.

Cannabis stem tea has been sparking up globally, consumed as a more mellow alternative to smoking marijuana. Sure, this hot drink will not get you quite as high as a THC-packed chunk of herb might, but stems seem to offer some pretty amazing benefits, especially considering the fact that so many usually just toss them out. Plus, who could resist the idea of a medicinal tea-party with your friends!