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maine outdoor cannabis seed

Whether you’re buying a selection of indoor seeds with plans for a windowsill or indoor garden, or you’re loading your online cart down with a bevy of outdoor plants, we’re here to help.

We know we aren’t the only cannabis seed provider on the internet. So, why should you purchase your cannabis seeds from us?

First, pour all of your cannabis seeds into a cup of room-temperature distilled water. You can push them to the bottom to make sure they’re covered all the way. Then, let them soak for 14 to 18 hours.

Buy Marijuana Seeds in Maine

Parkinson’s Disease is a malady that mostly affects people who are 50 years of age or older. Not everyone stricken with PD is that old, however. The late heavyweight boxer, Muhammad Ali, was in his early 40s when he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s after a long career in boxing. Actor Michael J. Fox was diagnosed at the tender age of 30. If cannabis proves to be a cure for neurodegenerative illnesses, it will spell good news for many people and their loved ones.

We complement our robust seed selections with a high-tech e-commerce platform and a dynamic support staff to make sure your online shopping experience is quick, seamless and user-friendly. Then, we deliver your items quicker than most of our competitors, sending a discreet package to your home as promptly as possible.

That’s where we come in.

In addition, you’re allowed to keep all of the marijuana that your plants produce as your possession. You can also purchase and use cannabis seeds in the state of Maine.

The Gorilla Glue Auto is a strain that offers the perfect blend of an Indica strain with Sativa qualities. This means that her effect is deeply relaxing but very euphoric at the same time. In other words, she’s a great mix of a heavy body stone with a cerebral high.

To make things easier for you; here are five cannabis varieties that will do well when grown outdoors in Maine, or anywhere else with a similar climate:

This is thanks to its beautiful blue appearance and wonderfully sweet taste and a satisfying high yield. All of these factors, combined with plenty of THC and a long-lasting effect that serves both body and mind.

3. White Widow

You will need a trustworthy seed bank and seeds which are suitable for a short growing season. Sounds complicated? It isn’t!

The pine aroma not only smells great during growth but is also very noticeable when smoked. Citrus and diesel notes complete the experience.

OG Kush plants are known to stretch slightly during growth, but quickly fill up during flowering. They generally grow to between 90 and 160 cm in height. Her buds are large and thick, and the light green clusters are covered with a thick layer of resin.

Sour Diesel always delivers crisp citrus notes with every toke. This not only gives a sumptuously rich and complex flavor but also produces an incredibly smooth exhalation of the two main flavor notes merging and having an earthy aftertaste. The high often leads you into cerebral daydreams with the energy and motivation to turn those daydreams into reality. Sour Diesel is an excellent cannabis strain to get things going, and with a simple vintage aroma, it’s easy to see how this cannabis strain is a classic.