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magnetic effect of cannabis seeds

The earth is a magnet. North on top, and South on the bottom. This provides probably all the magneting force any plant needs.

Be patient. Buy smoke if you have to till harvest time, but be patient.

You young Frankensteins need to cool out and burn one. Be patient. Remember that the plant is a living thing. Give it the right amount of light, ferilizer, water, and air flow, and it will be healthy. Healthy plants grow faster and produce higher yields.

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Oh yeah, sorry. I’m a former nursery manager and botinist. My first indoor crop was in the early eighties with a 1000 watt super halide in a 10 by 12 foot room. Sea of green, Hawaiian stock. Second crop was something almost nobody had ever had ever heard of: Canabis Indica.

worth a read but i don’t see an applied application for the technique forthcoming.

I go that far back, and know what I’m talking about.

i think you are mixing up magnetic field and electro-magnetic field. i suggest there are no magnetic fields wrapped up in seeds.

What can be observed: Magnetism
– A permanent magnet uses no energy to maintain its force field.
– A flow of electrons creats a magnet field.
– A magnet has poles (north & south). A magnetic monopole is not know yet.
– An electro magnet uses energy to maintain its force field, unless it’s a superconducting one (?).
– When shutting of the power to an electro magnet, the force field collapses, which produces an electric current while collapsing.
– Even atoms have tiny magnetic fields.
– A permanent magnet can be made by aligning the spin of hot atoms, in a magnet field, and then freezing their positions, by cooling.
– Not all atoms are attracted a magnetic force field.
Part of the energetic system of an atom, are one or more electrons. Electrons can be on their own also. A stream of electrons we call an electric current. When an electric current flows, it creates a magnetic field. This is easy to prove with a compass (that contains a permanent magnet)
As long as the current flows, there is a magnetic field. Less people know that it costs energy to create a magnetic field, and that when turning of the power, the field collapses and produces power.

Through superconducting materials, electrons can flow without resistance. Superconducting material has no interior magnetic field; the Meissner effect is the expulsion of a magnetic field from a superconductor during its transition to the superconducting state. No magnetic field inside.
we couldn;t so what does magnetics really do well with out magnetics Birds and other species wouldn;t know where to go as well as Airplanes GPS the list goes on right the poles help reflect radiation away from us or we would all be dead magnetism is allot more indepth then what some people might think

Things aren’t always what they seem to be.
Water is a fluid, and it’s wet. That’s how we experience it, from a human point of view. But when looking closely, we can see now that water is made of pretty solid atoms, and these atoms aren’t wet. We usually don’t know about the details, we only experience the group effect, how zillions of details act together.
We see hot and cold as opposites, but there is no cold really. If something has a temperature, it’s always a positive value. And deeper; we call the average effect of many vibrating atoms "temperature". Temperature is not a primary basic element, it’s yet another "illusion".
Light is invisible. It’s the collision of light on your nerves that you can sense. The world we live in is, from a detail point of view, founded on illusions, seeing group effects and almost blind to the details that really make our world.

The Earth in itself is a magnet. The dynamo theory relates magnetism and earth. It states that kinetic energy is converted to magnetic energy through electrically conducting fluid. Earth possesses this electrically conducting fluid at its core, which is the reason for earth’s magnetism. A magnetic dipole is formed on the earth, one known as the North pole and the other as the South pole. An hypothetical line joining these poles is called the earth’s axis of rotation. This magnetic property of Earth is referred to as geomagnetism.

Straight through mass
The force fields of gravity and magnetism can go straight through us, with only a little effect. Makes me wonder what more can go straight through us. Are there things that can go through us without any effect? If there are, it is impossible to sense them. Smart people concluded that atoms in our body are mostly "empty" space, leaving lots of room for stuff to travel through us, with no or hardly any interaction.

Complex things are a collection, made of a larger number of less complex things. Gravity as we know it, is probably a complex thing, no primary basic element. To learn more about gravity, we have to forget what we know from daily life, and zoom in on the situation. Force might be a primary basic element, but there’s probably no "magnetic force" and "gravity force". When a yellow car hits a wall, there is force, but not "yellow car force".

Energy level
A tree letting go of an apple; the apple accelerates to the Earth.
To accelerate an apple in space with a rocket costs energy. Does the Earth’s gravitational field generate energy out of nothing? I don’t think so. I think an apple closer to the ground contains less energy than an apple in a tree. The amount of energy that can come from dropping it is equal to the loss of energy. Similar to atoms coming together in a chemical reaction, making molecules and releasing energy.