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lemon ice cannabis seeds

De smaak van pepermuntjes is duidelijker aanwezig als het zuurtje. Des al niet te min heeft het zuurtje wel de overhand tijdens het uitblazen. Iets sterk in de keel, levert me net geen hoestbui op.

Whenever this strain is provided with enough space and light one can expect to be rewarded with an exceptionally high yield.

Lemon Ice cannabis seeds by Amsterdam Genetics have an extremely short flowering time and offer one of the most creative uplifting highs you can find.


Due to the way in which this wonderful strain has been cross bred. It has retained the truly unmistakable sweet, citrus taste of the Lemon Haze. Whilst the lesser known Ice gives this strain a surprising and delightfully friendly uplifting effect. This fresh strain can be enjoyed both during the day and in the evening.

Dylan – 02/04/2021

Bij iedere pof krijg ik het warmer en geeft me keer op keer een kleine tinteling achter de kiezen, ga er een beetje van zweten vrij bijzonder maar helemaal niet vervelend. De high voel ik krachtig door me hele lichaam kloppen met een zwaar achterhoofd gevoel. Als ik ga zitten zak ik in de bank weg, maar levert me een vrij actieve high op als ik een bezigheid heb gevonden. Ook merk ik aan mezelf dat ze een aardige vreetkick veroorzaakt.

The Lemon Ice cannabis seed has a 7 to 8 week flowering time. Depending on conditions, growers can expect their plants to reach 1.20-1.50 meters producing a 400-500 g/m² indoors. When grown outside expect heights to reach between 2-3 meters with a 400-500g per plant yield.

Lemon Ice Feminzed is an 80% Sativa-dominant hybrid between the famous Lemon Haze and Ice. Suitable for indoor and outdoor cultivation, this strain reaches 150 cm in height. Flowering time takes around 8-9 weeks. Under the right light conditions, Lemon Ice can produce excellent yields of up to 450 g/m², with very high THC levels of 22%.

Lemon Ice Feminzed has a sweet citrus taste, and gives you a positive and uplifting 'high'.

Rarely do cannabis strains leave the user feeling uplifted and refreshed without having to sacrifice flavour or growing attributes. Lemon Ice is the careful pairing of two subtle but complementary strains. The sweet citrus taste of the Lemon Haze works in unison with the smooth, uplifting high that Ice provides. The perfect addition to a creative session during the day, Lemon Ice will keep you focused and on track.

Lemon Ice also impresses when considered by growers. A short flowering time, just 7–8 weeks, is married with impressive yields, given the right growing conditions are observed. Those yields in the region of 400–500g/m² can be achieved when grown indoors or out.