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Of course, these states aren’t likely to see these numbers in excise tax revenue until at least three years after they establish a market. Seeing numbers in the. $2–10 million range is more likely in early years.

Colorado has a 15% wholesale excise tax on marijuana as well as a 15% retail excise tax. Recreational marijuana is exempted from general sales tax.

Colorado’s marijuana tax revenue

Still, the tables below show the tremendous potential for states to generate significant revenue over time. In fact, the Tax Foundation estimates the market for legal marijuana could be worth as much as $30 billion by 2023.

Colorado and Washington were leaders in the recreational marijuana movement, acting as early as 2012 to move toward legalization. As a result, it comes as no surprise that they’ve generated more revenue from marijuana taxes than other states, some of which have had an operational market for two years or less.

Here are the statistics on how much states make from marijuana taxes, how they tax cannabis, and what they use that money for.

The Green Organic Dutchman. Headquarters: Ontario, Canada

Authentic Brands Group (ABG). ABG and Tilray maintain a revenue-sharing agreement wherein ABG sells Tilray-supplied cannabis under its more well-known brand names, such as Greg Norman and Juicy Couture.

Tilray. Headquarters: Toronto, Canada

Cresco Labs is a vertically integrated recreational and medical marijuana company that operates across nine states in the US.

Aurora Cannabis owns many large subsidiaries in the medical and recreational cannabis industries, such as:

Stock ticker: TGOD
Market cap: $666 million
Revenue: $23.4 million
Net income: -$2.2 million

HEXO Corp. Headquarters: Ottawa, Canada