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landrace cannabis seeds from lebanese

Lebanese is a unknown variety from Landrace Team and can be cultivated indoors, outdoors and in the greenhouse. Landrace Teams Lebanese is a THC dominant variety and is/was never available as feminized seeds.

The plant, particularly in this region, has an ancient tradition and is well known for its great quality and as a great breeding tool as it is considered an early finisher, locally harvested from August to September.

Basic / Breeders Info

Genetics: Pure Lebanese Landrace (used for resin production)
Origin: Personally collected in Beqaa Valley (2018 harvest)
Purpose: Hashish (sieved)
Latitude: 34° N
Harvest: From August until September
Height: 0.5 – 1.5 metres
Aroma: Incense, light citrus, cedar, pine, apple, light lemon, earthy
Characteristics: Early finisher, columnar and spherical phenotypes, resinous, not too tall
Grow Type: Outdoors, greenhouse, indoors

Lebanese landrace sourced in 2019 from autumn/winter 2018 harvest in various villages growing these beautiful plants with great breeding potential. This accession originates from various villagesin the Beqaa region, especially htose from the North. Plants are grown starting from 1700 metres and above. The Landrace Team has collected from these moutainous villages various accessions from families that have been growing thes eplants from grandfathers to grandsons. They have only grown this plant for as long as they can remember and it is know that plants from higher altitudes are the finest examples for Lebanese hash production.

There are two different structures easily distinguishable: the short classic hash plants measuring around half metre mainly grown for industrial hash production that have a columnar shape with few side branches and a long main stem and penotypes that have more side branches, more bushy and with an almost spherical shape, thicker.

A very uniform, vigorous and well-branched pure sativa, especially adapted for outdoor growing in hot and arid climates, showing excellent resistance against drought and high temperatures. Although its flowering is moderate (9-11 weeks), this Lebanese sativa matures early (at the end of summer) due to its semi-autoflowering tendencies, which mean it begins to flower after about a month and a half of life.

After more than a decade of breeding and intense selections, we have the pleasure to offer you this classic Lebanese sativa, a traditional hash plant, famous for producing the renowned red and blonde Lebanese hash.

Its flowers produce delicate and resinous foxtailed buds, which accumulate with successive re-flowerings, forming large sized colas. The aromas in flowering are sweet and floral, acquiring citric and mango tones during curing. ‘Blonde hash’ aroma in the smoke, reminiscent of Moroccan hash.

Its effect is clean, cheerful and pleasant, a great quality high that is smooth and not too long lasting, with great medicinal potential due to its remarkable content in CBD. This Lebanese strain consistently produces CBD quantities between 6 and 16 %.

ACE Seeds offers you this gem of the cannabis world, a essential traditional hash plant, that should be present in any landrace lovers’ seed collection.

The Lebanese is a vigorous and uniform cannabis strain perfectly adapted to resin extraction, thanks to its airy and highly resinous flowers. This variety gives excellent results outdoors thanks to its semi-automatic flowering and its great resistance to heat and drought, making it an ideal candidate for guerilla growers.

Indoors, it flowers in 9 to 11 weeks and being used to organic outdoor growing, large amounts of fertilizer or use flowering stimulators are not recommended, as stress due to over-fertilisation may provoke a slight hermaphroditism at the end of flowering.

During its flowering, the branches of the Lebanese form large colas which swell with pronounced foxtails that reflower until the end of the cycle, delivering a generous yield of flowers and resin.

The semi-auto trait means that the Lebanese usually blooms after a month and a half of vegetative growth, and is ready to harvest some time between the end of September and the beginning of October. As a result, ACE Seeds recommends cultivating its Lebanese variety directly in large pots to maximise growth before the onset of flowering.

ACE Seeds presents its Lebanese variety, a robust and productive pure Sativa landrace line, to be found in AlchimiaWeb’s collection of regular cannabis seeds!