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Wild Thailand is a potent pure sativa strain from the Koh Chang district in Thailand. The genetics have been inbred by local farmers to produce plants with a shorter flowering time with higher yields and show a high pest and mold resistance. Outdoors, Wild Thailand seeds grow into big plants that finish around late November. Indoors, growers may want to switch to flowering cycle quickly to control the stretchy growth tendencies of Wild Thailand. The exotic citrus-flavored buds contain a very high 22.3% THC content, including THCV, which tropical Southeast Asian sativas are renowned for. Racy, euphoric high.

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Lebanon is home to the famous Lebanese Red hashish, made from the powerful, highly resinous cannabis indica plants grown in the region. The Lebanese seeds by The Real Seed Co. are the earliest maturing strain the company offers. First obtained by RSC in 2008, the current stock is bred using the same first-generation seeds. The plants typically do not grow above 5 feet tall in a spherical bushy or columnar growth structure. Some phenos turn red colors during late flowering. Outdoors, Lebanese plants are ready to harvest from September to October. Its dense, hard-hitting buds give sweet pine and fruity aromas.

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A hardy landrace cannabis variety adapted to hot desert summer days and cold nights, Syrian strains share similarities to Lebanese landraces from Bekaa Valley, likely due to Syria’s long tradition of cannabis cultivation, particularly in the mountainous western region bordering Lebanon. Two main phenotypes can be found, a most desirable indica ideal for hash making that stays near 3 feet tall and a more feral sativa that gets up to 5 feet high. Syrian plants benefit from dry periods between watering, and the ideal phenos produce dense, “hash plant” buds packed with shiny crystals that give a positive, inspiring, and relaxing high. Seeds obtained via local gene bank.

These landrace marijuana seeds originate from their countries of origin. They will produce some of the most psychadelic highs with THC levels ranging between 15% to 21% with very low levels of CBD. They are best suited for growing in their native environment, either outdoors or in a greenhouse, but can be grown indoors with proper topping.

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