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la diva cannabis seed auto

Rapide mais petite
Une plante à floraison TRES rapide mais également extrêmement petite, sur les 3 que j’ai planté aucunes n’a dépassées les 20 centimètres. Donc un bon choix si le temps presse mais ne pas s’attendre à un rendement impressionnant.

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La Diva by Delicious Seeds finishes very quickly and can be harvested after only 6 weeks (indoors, 45 days outdoors). The plants develop big dense buds covered with a layer of shining white crystals and produce an average crop of 300g/m². The cured product of La Diva has a THC level of around 15% and surprises the grower with a sweet and fruity taste and an intense, pungent aroma.

La Diva (Delicious Seeds) feminized

So fast?
I’m really excited about this strain! Delicious seeds claim very fast growth – just about 6 weeks and that is seriously the shortest I’ve encountered. I’ve got this one as a freebie in 420 gift package. I’m seriously curious how big the plant can be after so short growth.

3/3 tutti germinati . Grazie Zamnesia veloci ed esaustivi.

La Diva by Delicious Seeds is a second generation autoflowering strain, created by crossing the staggering Blue Berry with Il Diavolo. The plants brought forth from these seeds have a vigorous and very fast growth and branch quite heavily, so its advised to have enough space between the plants. La Diva weed has a fruity and sweet flavour.

La Diva (feminized) by Delicious Seeds, an autoflowering Sativa/Indica hybrid, created by crossing the terrific Blue Berry with Il Diavolo, has an extremely fast growth and develops plenty of long branches. La Diva possesses a good resistance to molds and plaques and is suitable for both outdoor and indoor cultivation and will reward any grower with a nice harvest of deliciously fruity tasting marijuana and nice blueish tinges as the plant matures.

Indoors this plant has it all, as you can easily control its climate and it loves high dosages of nutrients. Under the right conditions you can harvest an average of 450g per 10 plants per square meter, making this strain one to keep in mind if you’re looking for yield, flavor and effect. We recommend not doing any transplants, as autoflowering plants grow better in the pot they’re originally planted in (make sure it’s not too big or the roots will be overwhelmed).

Outdoors, it grows to about 90cm tall and is capable of producing from 50 to 80g of top quality weed from just one plant, making it perfect for large auto yields as well as flavor and aroma. If you live somewhere chilly, you’ll need to make the absolute most out of the hot summer months to grow this plant. In hotter areas like the south of Spain, you can harvest various times a year, as the only time when it can’t be grown is during the middle of winter.

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How to Grow La Diva Auto Indoors

La Diva Auto by Delicious Seeds produces long, compact buds that can sometimes appear blue. As soon as it starts flowering it will begin producing a whole lot of resin, making it hard to wait until it’s fully mature to harvest.

La Diva Auto by Delicious Seeds was born when an Il Diavolo was crossed with an Original Blueberry, giving it a hint of fruitiness and a beautiful blueish color without losing any of its strength and vigor.

This strain has a distinct berry flavor thanks to its Blueberry genes, alongside a citric aftertaste that’s not dissimilar to Big Bud. It gives a pleasing and sedating effect that will have you relaxing in no time.