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l.a. confidential x afghan kush cannabis seeds

A clear-headed euphoric feeling washes over smokers from the first toke of a joint and does not relent for hours. Well known for its uplifting effects, L.A. Confidential x Afghan Kush Fem strain also delivers a sense of increased productivity and creativity making it ideal for enhancing everything from household chores to hiking in the mountains. In larger doses, the strain can trigger a need for deep sleep even the most experienced consumer of cannabis can’t deny.

There really isn’t anything this strain can’t do in regards to medical applications. The indica nature of the strain lends well to treatment of attention deficit disorders, depression, insomnia, chronic pain and inflammation. It has shown incredible promise in aiding Autistic patients as well.

L.A. Confidential isn’t as secretive as the name suggests and Afghan Kush is just as famous as the previously mentioned. Combining the two has given birth to another legend that is highly sought after by its lineage alone. Afghan Kush hails from the high-altitude regions of the Hindu Kush mountains. L.A. Confidential is slightly more complex, created by crossing OG L.A. Affie with an Afghani Indica strain. Despite the complexity of the parental lineage, L.A. Confidential x Afghan Kush Fem strain has become massively popular amongst the cannabis community, particularly in California.

Adverse Reactions

L.A. Confidential x Afghan Kush exudes the fragrance of a pine forest after a summer rain shower. Also present are subtle notes of sandalwood and fresh herbs. The aromas wrap around the nasal passages and impart a highly memorable scent that isn’t easily forgotten and is just as easily recognized when smoked.

The flavors of fresh herbs, pine and a slight spice embrace the palette of smokers leaving a memorable impression. From the first toke of the joint your taste buds will want more. Listen to your taste buds, they’re right.

Let’s take this back to where it all started with one of the parent strains, L.A. Confidential. Born of a cross between OG L.A. Affie and an Afghan landrace, it is great for treating stress, depression, lack of appetite and insomnia. This strain offers flavors of earthy pine and a skunky pine aroma. Aside from being the other parent, Afghan Kush delivers the significant indica component our topic strain is well known for. Often used to make hash, the strain has a strong hash flavor combined with sour fruit. The aroma is a pungent mix of earth and sour fruit. Effects of the strain include a strong sedative effect, a euphoric mind and body buzz that gently leads smokers to a peaceful slumber.

Flowering times vary between eight to ten weeks indoors and gives cultivators a relatively fast flowering plant. Outdoors the plant is often ready by mid to late October. Highly tolerant of temperature fluctuations and increment weather provides a certain level of reassurance when growing in less controlled environments than an indoor room or tent. Despite its toughness, the plant should be given regular attention in order to achieve the healthiest possible harvest and a large yield of fresh, smokable cannabis flower.

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L.A. Confidential x Afghan Kush Strain Review.

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With a small amount of experience and good growing conditions, the plants can produce high quality yields of up to 500 grams of dried buds per square meter. THC levels of between 14% – 19% induce a fast-acting and powerful high, perfect for night-time use.