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Below, you’ll discover four of the highest yielding strains of 2020. All of these cultivars boast an abundance of bud sites and respond exceptionally well to training techniques. Before we take a look, let’s cover some common questions about improving cannabis yields.

In general, sativa-dominant cannabis strains tend to provide heavier yields. These varieties reach much taller heights—sometimes resembling small trees—and produce bigger canopies, with more bud sites.

How Do Growers Achieve Large Yields?

Our expert breeders developed this cultivar using two legendary cannabis varieties: Amnesia Haze and Gorilla Glue 4. Both of these strains are prized for their powerful effects and huge output. Shogun inherited all of their sought-after traits and emerged with 70% sativa and 30% indica genetics.

Amnesia Haze: a name known all over the cannabis world. Chances are you’ve seen this strain displayed on the shelves in cannabis dispensaries and Dutch coffeeshops. Smokers from all generations continuously seek out this cultivar for its motivating high and delicious flavours. However, she rose to stardom also thanks to her reliable productivity.

Outdoor plants can reach up to 200cm when grown in large containers and raised beds. These tall plants are capable of producing up to 800g per plant. We recommend using stakes to prevent her bountiful branches from buckling. These plants will mature just before the end of the season, during early October.

This special strain, as her name suggests, was bred to build on the healing aspect of cannabis. Painkiller XL is what’s known as a 1:1 strain, meaning she has an equal percentage of THC and CBD (9% in this case). With this even combo, the strain not only provides the physical healing many smokers need, but offers a mentally calming and therapeutic sensation as well. While strains with more CBD offer a greater healing factor, the combination of mental euphoria with physical benefits is what makes this strain top choice for patients around the world.

Like her big regular sister, White Widow Auto grows wide and dark green leaves, that are coated with tons of glistening resin. Growers will love, that she will do this in a short 75 days from seed to harvest.

Royal Moby has one of the highest THC content among cannabis strains, which ensures an out-of-this-world high. With those fine qualities and her massive yields, Royal Moby deserves a spot in our top 10 production list!

Medical Mass

Northern Light Automatic delights with a nice sweet taste and a high that is equally pleasant and very relaxing.

Sitting atop the indica throne, Purple Queen rules her kingdom with a calm yet powerful fist. With a genetic background of Hindu Kush and Purple Afghani, what else would you expect? This strain clocks in at 22% THC, meaning she can bring you down quickly. Since she’s indica-dominant, though, the soothing, relaxed sensation she brings, will make sure it’s a smooth ride to the couch. Purple Queen has a tasty citrus flavour to satisfy those with a sweet tooth, while offering a pine aroma for the nature lovers out there.

Much like the shoguns of old, our Shogun is a focused, determined and powerful warrior. With a genetic background featuring Amnesia Haze and Gorilla #4, she brings together potency, flavour and yields into a complete all-rounder. The high Shogun supplies is true to the namesake. Expect focus and unbridled strength. Weighing in with 25% THC, she can easily overwhelm novices, but if you hit the sweet spot, she will put you in the zone, ready to conquer all the day’s events. If you go too far, you can expect her balanced indica side to take hold and take you into physical relaxation as your mind continues to be uplifted.

This Indica-dominant strain has become extremely popular since her first appearance back in the 1970s. Like other classic famous strains, breeders have improved Northern Lights over time. This variety is a great example where the best of old genetics is kept and blended with new qualities.

The original Northern Lights is one of the most popular cannabis strains that exist and plays in the same league as White Widow, Skunk No.1 or Jack Herer. It’s one of the fundamental breeding varieties that is still being used by many breeders to stabilize and improve the contemporary strains of today. The history of this old school classic started in the Pacific Northwest in the 70’s, on an island outside of Seattle, Washington. It found its way into the talented hands of breeding legend Neville Schoenmakers, also the owner of the first Dutch seed bank, in 1985. Northern Lights Automatic by Royal Queen Seeds combines old school genetics with new school breeding techniques and has a life cycle of 9-10 weeks from germination. It’s one of the heavy yielders from the RQS lineup and grows taller and bigger than the average autoflowering strain. Northern Lights Automatic can reach indoor heights of 90-120cm and has shown to produce indoor yields of up to 500-550g/m². Indoor and outdoor growing is equally beneficial due to a robust pedigree based on 80% Indica genetics of Afghan descent, and 20% Ruderalis. The impeccable reputation of Northern Lights still manages to convince many of Zativo’s customers and helps Northern Light Automatic to become our No.1 autoflowering best seller by Royal Queen Seeds.

Breeder, growers, and smokers usually get enthusiastic when thinking about the classic AK-47. It’s originally a hybrid of Columbian, Mexican, Thai and Afghani genetics but the exact genetic composition is a well-kept secret, similar to the formula of Coca-Cola. This strain has been around for quite a while, since 1992 to be precise, and still satisfies a lot of growers with its strong side branches and intense, uplifting effects. One-hit-wonder is a term that fits in this context. Some of the most successful autoflowering strains are bases on AK-47 genetics and so is Royal AK Automatic by RQS. This strain is the fully automatic version that finishes its life cycle in 9-10 weeks from seed, producing indoor yields of up to 425-475g/m². It won’t outgrow maximum heights of 100cm, and indoor growers can calculate on average plant heights of 60-70cm. The taste of this strain is spicy yet sweet, and the high leads to a feeling of mental alertness paired with a sense of being uplifted – brightening Sativa effects spread happiness throughout the entire body. If you’re looking for an autoflowering strain that continues the legacy of AK-47 than try to grow Royal AK Automatic – you’re not the only one interested in this strain. It ranks second place among our Top 5 autoflowering best sellers by RQS.

2. Royal AK Automatic (Royal Queen Seeds)

Royal Haze Automatic is a descendant of the coffeeshop big seller Amnesia Haze, crossed with Skunk and Ruderalis. It came in third place in our Top 5 ranking and offers a relatively quick and easy way to grow genetics of probably the most influential Haze strains of cannabis history – Amnesia Haze. Amnesia Haze is an award-winning variety combining Laotian, Jamaican, and Hawaiian Sativa genetics, giving this strain an extremely intense high but also a long flowering period, which is a reason for many not to grow it. Royal Haze Automatic, on the contrary, offers a grower friendly solution and needs a life cycle of 10-12 weeks to produce indoor yields of up to 300-350g/m². The genetic makeup consists of 50% Sativa, 20% Indica, and 30% Ruderalis, a genetic composition that still allows strong, cerebral effects to take place but also alleviates the drawbacks associated with Amnesia Haze. Indoor growers can expect compact plants with heights of 65-85cm. It’s not the best autoflowering strain to maximize production but it’s certainly the right strain when aiming for a superior high, the distinctive Haze taste, and exceptionally fast results compared to Amnesia Haze.

Royal Queen Seeds is one of the fastest-growing seed companies in Europe. Their international team built up many years of experience in the Netherlands, producing cannabis seeds of the highest quality. Royal Queen Seeds is now officially based in Barcelona, Spain and therefore in the position to combine the expertise from two epicenters of cannabis breeding – Amsterdam & Barcelona. Zativo’s customers value the extensive product range of Royal Queen Seeds, and also consider the excellent price-performance ratio of RQS when shopping for seeds. Growers can choose from more than 20 autoflowering strains, and there are always new strains in the development cycle. All seeds are organically produced, hand-picked, and regularly tested to ensure the highest germination rates possible. Take a look at our list of the Top 5 best-selling autoflowering strains by Royal Queen Seeds, and get an impression what strains other growers purchase on a frequent basis.

Quick One, as the name suggests, is one of the fastest growing autoflowering strains developed by Royal Queen Seeds. This strain derives from Canadian Lowryder genetics and RQS created it by crossing Northern Lights, William’s Wonder, and Ruderalis. The history of William’s Wonder dates back to the 1970’s where it was one of the first strains that have been genetically tailored to fit the needs of indoor growers. It’s a resinous and compact variety that is based on Afghan landraces and suspected to be created by Sam the Skunkman, a Californian breeding legend also associated with the development of the original Skunk. Quick One, of course, also profits from a positive influence of Northern Lights, and will finish its life cycle in around 8 weeks from seed. It’s a rather short plant with typical indoor heights of 50-60cm but still manages to produce yields of up to 275-325g/m². Quick One by RQS is easy to grow and a very good option for growers who want to cultivate short, fast-growing plants in limited growing spaces, indoors or outdoors.