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king tut cannabis reg seed

Travel to worlds unknown with the internationally-acclaimed Tutankhamon strain, a feminized variety from Pyramid Seeds. Also known as King Tut, this Sativa-dominant giant comes from a classic lineage for reliable growth and consistently uplifting effects. Perfect for daytime use, the best Tutankhamon seeds take your highs to all new heights with 25% THC potency that’s out of this world.

You’d expect nothing less than a hefty yield from a king – and Tutankhamon definitely delivers. The King Tut weed plant can be ideally grown in any environment, with expected yields of 500g/m² (1.6oz/ft²) indoors and up to 1500g/plant (4.9oz) outdoors.


Tutankhamon has a recognizable family tree for most weed consumers and growers, even though only one parent strain is known. What we do know is that this phenotype and feminized variety originates from AK-47 lineage.

Tutankhamon is high-yielding whether you grow indoors or out, and is ideal for beginner or veteran cultivators alike with its ease of growth. Do be aware, however, that the strain reaches pyramid-like heights, growing up to 5ft (150cm) inside or up to 6.5ft (200cm) outside.

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Tutankhamon Seeds | Pyramid Seeds
If you were only ever to buy one strain in your life from Original Seeds Store, then it would have to be Tutankhamon weed seeds. The phrase ‘Top Drawer’ was probably created for Tutankhamon cannabis. And if it wasn’t, it certainly should have been. Staggering THC levels of fast acting cannabis have been recorded at levels as high as 33% in just 63 days flowering. But even that only tells part of the story.
It is the ease of growth, the quality of the social effect and the sheer genius in their creativity that make these feminised seeds so special. Tutankhamon is euphoric, she is happy, in a flavour of pungent lemons that is totally sublime. Just don’t be surprised if you can’t finish a whole joint of Tutankhamon. With strength like this, even veterans can meet their match.
Also known as King Tut, Tutankhamon cannabis seeds are brimming over with Sativa dominance from the high quality AK 47 genetics inside. She offers relief from almost ailment you could ever think of. And even a few you can’t. And with the quantity of side branches available, whether you are growing weed indoors or out, you can get almost as many clones as you want. Just make sure you put a few stakes in the ground, because weights like this need support.
If you haven’t tried Tutankhamon cannabis seeds, then you simply do not know what you’re missing. Get some of these beauties in your basket and see King Tut at his very best.