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Guava Jelly buds are a sweet-smelling treat even before they’re consumed. The plant’s slender-bladed leaves are medium green, and the flower clusters are a lime colour due to the sparkling clear golden trichomes. Calyxes are large and oval shaped. Their long pistils start out more yellow than white, then change to deep pink as the buds ripen.

Guava Jelly tends to have low growing odour. This variety’s full, fruity bouquet is only released after buds are harvested, dried and broken up. Guava is just one of the fruits in its terpene profile. A deep inhalation will also reveal berry notes from Strawberry Kush, aniseed and citrus from Durban, and a sweet, skunky undercurrent from Wedding Cheesecake.

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The original Guava Jelly seed plants often benefit from a longer vegetation time. Their height and structure can be optimised for indoor grow-spaces by pruning plants to create multiple stems (AKA topping). Supercropping or the Screen of Green (ScrOG) method are also effective.

The bud structure of Guava Jelly’s best phenotypes takes the form of fat calyxes, which explode in clusters and grow atop one another in strings. These ropes of calyxes entwine at each node, forming large knots of bud with multiple tips growing in every direction. During flowering they also expand to cover the internodal gaps, filling Guava Jelly’s stem and branches by harvest time.

Guava Jelly is a vigorous strain and can thrive in favourable outdoor conditions. However, it may require support from stakes or a trellis, as its slender branches may be weighed down by buds at the end of the summer.

It acquires a pyramidal hybrid structure quite dense with medium distance internodes, doubling in size during flowering.

It produces such amount of resin that even impregnates the closest leaves, offering generous returns when making Rosin and BHO extractions.

Jelly Bananen, an extremely resinous variety

Jelly Bananen delivers a very particular penetrating and sweet aroma, reminiscent of banana jelly beans. Particularly intensified if inhaled in a cannabis vaporiser. presents here Jelly Bananen by Exotic Seeds, a feminised 60/40 Indica Sativa hybrid characterised by an intensely sweet aroma.

It matures after about 9 weeks of flowering, with a yield of up to 500g per m2 cultivated indoors. It produces voluminous and dense flowers incredibly full of resin trichomes.

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Sativa Hybrid result of the crossing between Strawberry Banana and an Og Kush that came to us through our friends from Hippie Hill Genetics from the United States, and to whom we are very grateful for their kindness and desire to share with us such amazing genetics. Jally Bananen has vigorous growth with strong lateral branches and a high production, it is a variety that undoubtedly stands out for a very sweet intense flavor, reminiscent of banana jelly beans, and a very powerful effect that will awaken your creativity as you have never seen before. The amount of resin and the characteristic terpene profile that it has, make Jelly Bananen a strain indicated for Rosin extractions, in which we will preserve all the aroma of the variety without losing potency.